Artist – Lee Bermejo

I…. am a big fan of Comic Books/Graphic Novels. I love the stories, but most of all, I love the artwork. I came across Lee Bermejo a few years ago reading JOKER by one of my favourite writers Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets) and was blown away by the amazing art it contained. After that I was hooked. I bought their other collaboration, Lex Luthor: Man of Steel, which has become one of my favourite graphic novels of all time.

Lee’s art and attention to detail tells a story within itself, which in my opinion is a mark of a truly great artist. If you’d love to see more than what I’ve posted today, have a look over at his blog which he updates occasionally, where you’ll not just see comic images, but pencil drawings of musicians and singers which he contributes to a column for an Italian magazine as well as new pictures which he does just for funsies!!

Joker’s smile

Lex Luthor getting the silent treatment

Jeff Buckley


Amy Winehouse

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo


Captain America and Red Skull


3 thoughts on “Artist – Lee Bermejo

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