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If you’re a fan of Batman (and in all seriousness how can you not be?) there’s a great web series called The Joker Blogs, that follows the The Joker after the events of Christopher Nolen’s ‘The Dark Knight’ inside Arkham Asylum. At least that’s where he starts…

The actor who plays The Joker takes a LOT from Heath Ledgers adaptation and at times there can be seen a bits and pieces of The Joker from Batman: The Animated Series, but as the series moves along, he starts to get more of his own characteristics and becomes a little more of his own version. The make up is pretty much dead on and he’s very scary.

The Production values are what you would expect from a few guys and girls doing this off their own back, but the story is plenty to keep you entertained and continually watching and waiting for the next episode.

The Joker Blogs have just started it’s second series yesterday and it’s absolutely brilliant. The production values have improved immensely, thanks to a ‘Kickstarter’ they had.

If you haven’t seen this web series, check out the first video from the first season and make your way on from there at this link

If you want to just see what Season 2 is all about, check out the first episode below and follow them for each upcoming episode!


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