Arrested Development is so close!

May 26th on Netflix!! That’s when the long awaited return of this hilarious, under-rated show returns back to the people!

From the trailer below it doesn’t seem like too much has changed in The Bluth’s lives. Michael is still trying to find his way although it looks like he’s in Phoenix now, Lucille is still a cold hearted, control freak berating Buster and George-Michael is still infatuated with his Cousin Maebe. So it’s going to still be the same, but newer! And I can handle that!

All in all, with a bunch of returning guest star characters, namely Kitty Flanagan played by the awesome Judy Greer, and a stack of added cameo’s from Conan O’Brian, Seth Rogan and Kristin Wiig, it looks like it’ll be a really great season. Hopefully the hinted at Movie will happen!

Check out the new trailer and Enjoy Dammit.


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