Bill Hader leaving SNL

I’ve only been living in North America for a little under a year. Previously, I had known about, but I had not seen Saturday Night Live. So when my wife and I sat down and watched my first few episodes, it became very apparent that Bill Hader is one of the funniest people on the planet!! He would steal every scene he was in (along with the extremely talented Kate McKinnon) and just by seeing that he was a part of a skit, you would know that it was going to be hilarious.

Sadly, I personally only get to see one seasons worth of Bill’s hilarity as he is leaving the show to pursue other activities. Previously Hader has been a writer for South Park and had supporting roles in such movies as Tropic Thunder, Paul, Superbad and has lent his voice to the animated movies Ice Age and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

If you can, check out this weeks SNL and see a wonderful talent at work! If you’re not familiar, watch the below videos and become a fan.

Firehouse Incedent w/ Adam Levine

Stefon: The New York Correspondent (select 240p to make it play)


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