Rebel Wilson in Super Fun Night

I just want to start out by saying that I think Rebel Wilson is hilarious!! Everything I’ve seen her in, whether it’s TV Shows, Movies or doing interviews, she’s on her game and is laugh out loud funny.

She has a new show coming out in the next couple of months called ‘Super Fun Night’. It’s about 3 nerdy friends decide that instead of being shut ins, they’re going to hit the town every Friday night. I think it’s going to be good if they can keep the adventures different and amusing enough. Purely because of Rebel. It’s being made by ABC (The american one) so I wouldn’t think that it’ll be anything ground breaking, but I think Rebel will be enough for me to want to watch it every week.

Check out the trailer below and I’ve also attached some of Rebels other work in TV.

Super Fun Night

From Aussie improv show ‘Thank God You’re Here’

Being interviewed by Craig Ferguson

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