Superman: Man of Steel has finally made me want to see it.

Up until recently I haven’t been too fussed about whether I see ‘Superman: Man of Steel’. However the two trailers from General Zod, peaked my interest and then the trailer below has made me want to actually see it on the big screen.

I know it’s going to end up ‘Superman defeats Gen. Zod and everyone loves him and he did it for Am-ur-ica’, but I believe in Zack Snyder. I believe that he’ll make it look so good, that I wont be too fazed by the story line. Personally I would LOVE to see a Superman movie based on one of my all time favourite comic stories Superman: Red Son written by Mark Miller which the latest DC game Injustice: Gods Among Us is very loosely based on, but that’s just me. I’m not a real fan of the squeaky clean image of Superman. I like him much more a little gritty and edgy.

… and murder-y… and badass…

Anywho, what I’m really looking forward to is Michael Shannon (From Boardwalk Empire fame) as General Zod. He’s a great actor and will bring the calculating intensity to the role that I’m hoping will really be a show stealer! Maybe a little cameo from Lex Luthor would be nice….

Check out the latest trailer below! Leave your comments on what you think about this upcoming movie.


3 thoughts on “Superman: Man of Steel has finally made me want to see it.

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  3. Since i heard it was coming out and being directed by Chris Nolan, I knew I had to see it. With all of the great films coming out, this has been the number one movie I am most excited for.

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