Metallica: Through the Never 3D/IMAX

On August 9th, Metallica will be coming to a 3D and IMAX Cinema near you!!

That’s right. Metallica are releasing a live concert in 3D and IMAX! Will it be scary? James Hetfield growling into the mic while he’s looking directly at you getting closer and closer?? Seeing the calluses on Kirk Hammett’s fingers as he shred like a monster?? How about Lars Urlich singing and pulling mad faces while he drums to ‘One’ is enough to frighten even the most hardened of fans, so maybe?? But there’s a slight little difference with this concert. It’s going to intertwine with a fictional story about one of their crew member (played by Dean DeHaan from Chronicle fame) running a mission for the band and “he unexpectedly has his life turned completely upside down.”

Fo fans of the band, I’m sure this is a must, and cinema owners are now most likely taking out more property insurance for damages that they may come across while playing this at their theatres!

All in all, should be fun!! Check out the trailer!


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