What’s your Kryptonian shield?


I know! More Superman stuff. I’m gonna try and stop, but if something cool pops up, I’m going to want to share it with you all! And this is pretty cool!

Ever wondered if you were born on Krypton what your family shield/glyph and name would be or look like? Up until a couple of days ago, me neither. But now that I do, I’m pretty happy!!

Check out this link. All you need to do is answer a few questions and it’s show you what your shield is and what your family name would be.

What is unfortunate if you were a part of these families, you would now be dead as Krypton blew up (unless you live in the shrunken, bottled city of Kandor in which… good for you tiny Kryptonian!!

Post your results and I’ll make a little album for everyone to see!

if the link above don’t work, go here http://glyphcreator.manofsteel.com/


One thought on “What’s your Kryptonian shield?

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