Cosplay from London Comic Con

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I really like Comic Con’s. My wife took me to my first one last year in Toronto and I’ve got to say, it was pretty awesome and I recommend anyone who’s fan of comics or ‘geek’ culture to sort one out and attend before they are all over-run by movie and television companies trying to take your hard earned comic and gaming money for some piece of crap that they’re trying to push. Which if it’s not already happened, it’ll happen in the next couple of years. I doubt me and my wife will attend this years Fan Expo in Toronto because this year they have added ‘sports’ special guests and at this point in time, there are really no big names from Comics or from ‘geek culture’ unlike last years and the previous years before that! Very sad for us.

One of the best parts is the cosplay! Sure there are a bunch of tarts who only dress up as characters that they only passingly know from TV or movies (I’m talking to all you Poison Ivy/Uma Thurman type people) and are not really into the culture like they want you to think. But then there are some people who really love it and spend hours and lots of money on their costumes each year and are very proud of the costumes they have created. In the video below you’ll mostly see the people who love cosplay and really go to lengths to make a great costume! There are also some of the others. They stand out. You’ll see.


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