HUMORdy – Do Anything Stoned with Marty Adams

I just want to start by saying that drugs are bad. M-kay. There are also disclaimers in the videos! So don’t try and do what you’re about to see as a challenge or think it’s fun. It’s a comedy skit! You’re supposed to laugh at it. OK, now that’s out of the way…..

The guys over at HUMORdy do a whole bunch of really funny stuff, including Stand up, Animations and Clever little skits. My absolute favourite skit that they do is by a comedian named Byron Brown and it’s called ‘Do Anything Stoned with Marty Adams’ as the title suggests.

After almost a year Marty has come back with another episode and there are more to come! Marty takes a regular every day chore or task, like mowing the lawn or cooking, does some evilness, and then attempts to do the task at hand. This is not real by the way, but it is damn hilarious. Check out the first video below and if you want to see more, they’ll be after the jump!


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