Kenyan High Jump! Amazing!

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 12.04.50 PM

This is absolutely amazing!! The video below is of a High School track meet in Kenya. As you can guess, they don’t have the best equipment for many of the sports that the kids are participating in. But you can bet damn sure that these kids could whip almost anyone in the world. The Wold record for Mens High Jump is a touch over 8ft high. The bar that’s being set is over the heads of the judges, so at the very least it’s over 6 feet tall. And, at least one young lad clears it and with ease. But it’s HOW he clears the bar. Check it out.

There’s a company called Run For Life who help put these events together for people around the world. If you’d like to help, click the link above and it’ll show you how!

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