E3 – I think Sony won this year with the PS4

E3 has always been about the future of gaming and directs its content towards gamers and future gamers. When Xbox released information about the Xbox One, it seemed more that they wanted to steer away from gaming and focus more on ‘Home Entertainment’ Nothing wrong with that. Unless you just want a console that plays games and you can play against your friends either at your home or online.

The Playstation this year seems to have gotten back to what bought them to the party. Gaming for Gamers.

A big hit to Microsoft was the video that you’ll see below, taking a shot at how easy it is to use used, previously owned or your friends copies of games on the PS4. Something which Xbox One is restricting or making you pay to do this.

Another big punch to Xbox One is that the PS4 is going to be a full $100 cheaper! When games are floating around the $100 mark for New Releases, That extra $100 that you may have saved to by an Xbox, is going to get you a lot more enjoyment on the PS4.

The only downside is, which really isn’t too bad, that it sounds like if you want to play online you will need to subscribe with PS Plus and pay a fee. This is something Xbox people have been doing for a long time now, so it’s not that big of a hit.

So there you have it. I have both Xbox 360 and PS4 so I really have no bias as to what one is better. Personally, I think, for me, the PS4 is looking more like something I’d buy over the Xbox just from this years E3. We’ll see how the other days hold up.


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