300: Rise of an Empire trailer!!!!


Xerxes has just beaten the 300 Spartans and is making his way down through Greece. Maybe he wants to cruise the Greek Isles on holiday. But in true Xerxes style, he has to take expand the Persian Empire and make their people become HIS people. Or kill them all and take the land. What ever tickles his fancy at the time.

This is where Themistocles comes in. He’s a Greek Commander of their Navy and he doesn’t want much to do with Xerxes plan. So he takes his fleet out to meet and battle the Persians!!

This all looks VERY awesome. I’m expecting all the visual sexiness of 300, with a couple of clicks more!! Check out the trailer! It’s doesn’t drop in cinemas until 7th March 2014, but it’ll be worth the wait!


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