Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay Video E3

Hmmm…. Very good!!

As you all may know, I’m rather excited for this game. Mostly because of the villains that are involved, A meaner, rougher, Gimp/Biker looking Bane. The Joker is similar to previous games. But I’m especially looking forward to Black Mask, who I think is one of the best, intriguing, but very underused characters in Gotham! But let’s not go there right now.

At E3, Sony and Warner Bros. Games gave us a gameplay video that’s really cool. It doesn’t look like they’ve strayed too far from Arkham City, which is great as that game was unbelievable!! When you fight off bad dudes, it looks great and fluid. I really like the way ‘ninjas’ will counter your strikes, but you can also counter their counter!

Arkham Origins is also bigger. QUITE a lot bigger. Roughly twice the map size of Arkham City. So there’s more chances to fly around the city via grappling hook looking for street crime to stop and heads to crack.

It looks like Warner Bros. Games have stepped up the ‘Detective Mode’ as well, which I personally think is a really cool part to add to an already very good part of the Batman Detective story. I love how you can rewind a crime scene to help you look for more evidence to help you find who committed the crime.

Anyhoo, the story goes like this. Black Mask has put a rather large bounty on Bat’s head. So for one night he’s invited all sorts of criminals to take advantage of this very generous offer!

The video below does go for half an hour as Eric Holmes from WB Montreal goes through the gameplay and does an added interview, so make a cup of tea, or have your butler do it.

It comes out in October! Look for this to be another ‘Game of the Year’ contender!


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