Kick Ass 2 trailer

This trailer is pretty much the same as the first one that was released a couple of months back, but I thought that I’d share it with you anyway.

This second instalment in the lives of superhero crime fighters Kick-ass and Hit-girl look like it’s following the main story pretty closely to the comics. I wasn’t sure how they were going to do this one considering the source material was changed to make the first movie a little more ‘feel good’ as there are some quite disturbing revelations in the comics that certainly weren’t in the movie.

However I still dont believe that they will go as far with this movie as they do in the comics, but it’ll still be worth the watch. The first movie was still very entertaining and I’m hoping to be equally entertained by this one.

Jim Carrey playing Colonal Stars and Stripes here in the trailer looks like he’s going to damn near steal eery scene he’s in! Which is a good thing!!


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