Run For Your Lives! 5km Zombie Obstacle Course

Ever wonder how you would do in a Walking Dead scenario? Do you like running though obstacle courses? Do you like being chased by Zombies? Do you like partying your ass off after you survive the apocalypse?

Well if that sounds like you, or even if it’s 1 out of 3, this is the event for you!!

Run For Your Lives is an obstacle course like no other. Not only do you compete with others to go over, under and through some very tough obstacles for 5km, but you will be chased and hounded by hundreds of Zombies the entire time!

But it’s not only a race. After all is said and done, if you haven’t had your brains sucked out of your head with a straw, or you haven’t become a zombie yourself, there is a festival called the Apocalypse Afterparty where theres music, games and food all ready for you! Spectators are also encouraged to help the survivors in their celebrations!!

At the moment, Run For Your Lives are only running in the U.S.(Locations Here, but last year they branched out to Canada and are asking for people all over the world if they would like to have the event in their country! If you’d like that very much, Let them know HERE

So kick back and check out the video below and enjoy some zombie goodness!!


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