Batman/Superman #1 Preview

This week a new comic series is coming from DC Comics. Batman/Superman! Written by Greg Pak (Iron Man, Incredible Hulk) and drawn by Jae Lee (Inhumans, Fantastic 4)

This first story arc is going to revolve around the very first meeting of the Dark Knight and the Son of Krypton. These 4 pages that have been released look really great. Batman is a complete calculating badass and Superman comes to save the day! So it’s pretty much what you’re going to expect.

I really like reading stories on how Bats and Supes interact with each other. One of my favourite scenes in any book is when Bruce Wayne is having lunch with Lex Luthor talking about Superman and what a danger he is and what happens in the aftermath of that, in Brian Azzarello’s ‘Luthor’ with tremendous art by Lee Bermejo. So I’m very interested to check this new series out!

Anywho, Check out the 4 pages below and make your own conclusions.


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