Wrestling Gif’s of the Week – Low Ki retires.

Low Ki (Senshi/Kaval) is my favourite wrestler. I travelled half way across the world just so that I could see him wrestle live and it was worth every cent. He’s one of the hardest hitting guys in the business and I could watch his matches over and over (in fact I’ve seen his match with KENTA so many times I’ve lost count.)

Last week, Low Ki announced that he is leaving the world of wrestling and going to concentrate on being a voice actor. Anyone who’s ever heard Ki speak, knows that his voice is the voice of nightmares. It’s the voice that you NEVER want to hear if you were walking through an alley. So you know he’s probably going to do well in this area.

Good luck Ki in all your future endeavours! (I’ve always wanted to say that)

Dressed as Agent 47 vs Kota Ibushi. Wrestled the entire match in the suit.

One thought on “Wrestling Gif’s of the Week – Low Ki retires.

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