The Walking Dead Volume 2 – Miles Behind Us

What happened last volume…

* Officer Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma to the Zombie Apocalypse.
* After being attacked in Atlanta by zombies, Rick is saved by Glenn who takes him back to a camp where Rick’s wife (Lori), child (Carl) and best friend (Shane, who’s been shagging Ricks wife) happen to be, among others.
* There’s a zombie attack on the camp and a bunch of people are eaten because people are a major zombie food group.
* Rick has a fight with Shane about moving the camp to a safer place. Shane tries to kill Rick, but it’s Carl to the rescue with a sweet neck shot to kill Shane!

And here we go.

We start of with the group at Shane’s grave site and all Lori can think about is the sweet sexy time they had together. Then she spits on his grave all angry like. As if to say, that it’s all Shane’s fault that she can’t keep her legs closed.

While all this is going on, Dale pulls Rick aside and has a little ‘I told you so’ moment. Then appoints Rick as the new leader of the group. Rick’s first rule is to cancel Christmas. And the second order of the day, is it’s time to pack up their shit and split!

While the group are looking for new digs, Rick pulls his gun and was about to shoot what he thought were zombies. But it turned out to be some other alive people. Tyreese and his daughter Julie and her boyfriend, Chris. Rick invites them to join the group and all is fine. Accept for Lori who tells Rick not to be so trusting of strangers, but everyone else is happy with the new additions. Especially Carol, who wants a certain piece of Tyreese!

While everyone is enjoying dinner around a campfire and thanking Glenn for risking his life on his food runs, Lori decides that there’s not enough focus on her and tells everyone she’s pregnant. Rick seems to be happy about it, until Dale tells him about what Lori has been up to. But Rick already knows and wants to keep it out of his head. So off to bed it is.

Still looking for a new home, the group come across a ghost town of a gated community. They check out one house, only a few zombies to kill an it’s their new home for the night. It’s got food and showers and blankets. Everything they’ve been missing.

While handing out blankets Donna busts Andrea and Dale getting it on. Also Tyreese and Carol are also getting well acquainted. Very high school camp.

The group decide it’s time to have a look around the rest of the community and maybe pick out a house of their own. Little do they know that underneath all the snow, there was a warning sign that reads

“All Dead. Do Not Enter”

Without any people entering these confines, the zombies inside are getting pretty damn hungry. And Donna’s nosiness makes her a good appetizer. Donna is dead. Allen is pissed and fires off his gun which alerts all the other hungry zombies that there is a buffet awaiting them! Rick thinks they’ve now worn out their welcome and gets everyone together and leaves Green Zombie Acres.

Without grabbing any of the food from their stay and Chateau de Zombie, they’re all getting hungry and everywhere seems to have been looted, so it’s a hunting they will go. This turns out to be a bad idea, because Carl gets mistaken for a zombie (zombies might be confused with bitches) and gets a bullet to the shoulder from another hunter, Otis. Rick loses his mind and wants to shoot Otis right in his mouth. Luckily, Otis lives on a farm not so far away and the owner is pretty handy with taking bullets out of things. So Rick picks up Carl and it’s off to the races. Tyreese goes back and tells the others what happened and they make their way to the farm as well.

At the farm we meet Hershel and quick as a whip, Carl just has a hole, but no bullet to go with it and all’s good in the world again. Hershel invites the group to stay on the farms grounds as long as it takes for Carl to get better. He then introduces his Family, Lacey, Chip, Maggie, Billie, Rachel and Susie. Otis and his girlfriend Patricia used to live down the road, but now stay there.

Carl wakes up. Yay, I guess.

While everyone is getting to know each other, Glenn and Maggie decide they should hook up. Julie and Chris are trying to get it on, but Tyreese puts a stop to that reminding them that the world is different now.

Rick finally gets some alone time with Hershel and talk about living arrangements. Rick would like to use the barn. Hershel is a little reluctant because that where he keeps his zombies that he’s been catching and he doesn’t want to kill them. Rick blows his top (again!) telling Hershel how he should run HIS OWN FARM and that he needs to kill them all. Hershel wants none of that as one of the zombie’s is his son, Shawn, and he’s hoping that there’ll be a cure to help him and his neighbours who have also turned some day. Rick backs up like an asshole. But for only a second, and tells Hershel that his opinion doesn’t matter and that his son needs to die, for a second time. Tyreese is the voice of reason and tells Rick that needs to stop being such a control freak and quit it. He does.

The next day, Rick comes to Hershel and apologises. But in another asshole move, knowing that Hershel doesn’t want to kill any zombies, as a gift, he gives Hershel family guns to protect themselves with and offers free gun safety lessons. Hershel agrees though.

During the shooting practice Hershel comes out to see how things are going. He spots a zombie and before Rick can get all trigger happy and blast it’s head to smithereens, Hershel wrangles it and is going to take it to the barn. As he opens the barn doors a zombie comes through an knocks him over. Chip and Lacey come to the rescue, but Chip is incestuously tasty and gets eaten by his brother ZOMBIE SHAWN!!!! Lacey is the next to go! Hershel is pissed!! He grabs a gun and puts holes in his zombie family’s heads. And then it’s his turn, but Rick stops him.

More burials.

1 day later, Rick and Allen are cleaning up the Barn so that they can move in there. But surprise! Rick is pissed off about this. There’s two rooms spare in the house now that Hershel’s kids are dead and he thinks that they should be put to good use. And then decides to tell Hershel that exactly. Hershel reiterates that the deal was they could stay until Carl was better. No longer. This news infuriates Lori who tells Hershel that he’s stupid (Because that would change his mind). Hershel reminds her that since they’ve been here, he’s lost 3 of his kids and all his zombie pets are also now dead.

Rick, being the moron and poster-boy for good listeners that he is, tells Hershel that he thought that Hershel said that they could stay and that it wasn’t temporary, even though Hershel says it many times that they can stay until Carl is better. Hershel’s had a gut-full of this shit and pulls a gun on Rick and tells him to take his friends and leave. He’s lucky Psycho Carl didn’t bust a cap in his ass.

So it’s back on the road again. With no food, they get back to hunting (because it worked so well the last time) when they come across a prison…


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