The Walking Dead Volume 3 – Safety Behind Bars

What happened last volume

* After Shane’s murder at the hands of Carl, the group appoints Rick as their leader. Rick hates Christmas!
* While looking for a new place to set up camp, the group is joined by Tyreese, his daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris.
* Lori tells everyone she is pregnant. Is it Rick’s or Shane’s? Who knows? I doubt she does.
* The group try to set up camp at a gated community, but it’s full of hungry zombies and Donna is eaten. Allen is pissed then depressed.
* Carl is shot by a hunter named Otis. The group goes to a farm where Otis lives until Carl heals. The farm is run by Hershel and his family.
* Glenn hooks up with Hershel’s daughter Maggie. Hershel is pissed.
* Hershel keeps pet zombies, including his son, in his barn. Rick looses his shit and wants to kill them all.
* The Barn Zombies attack Hershel’s family and eat two of his kids. Hershel shoots all the Barn Zombies and threatens Rick to leave or he’ll kill him too.
* The homeless group is in search for a new home to wreck, when they come across a prison….

And here we go.

Our heroes (?) drive into the prison. Immediately Rick wants to kill some things. He grabs Tyreese and Andrea and they head into the heart of the prison and continue the zombie genocide. In no time at all, the dead are even deader and are being BBQ’d outside the walls.

The next day it’s time to explore their new joint. They kill a few straggling zombies and Rick and Tyreese wander into the cafeteria and find 4 actual live people there. Just eating some meatloaf and chillin’. They say that they have enough food for everyone. When the four men, Dexter, Andrew, Axel and Thomas, let them know that they are in fact prisoners and not guards, this gets everyone on edge. Especially Lori, who never considered that inside a prison might contain people who broke the law, because she’s an idiot. Dexter offers to take Rick and Dale on a tour of the facilities and gives them a run down on the other guys. Dexter is pretty straight up about the time he murdered his wife and her boyfriend. There’s a gym full of zombies, a shower bay and a garage. Tour is over.

The group start to find cells for themselves to live in, when Rick decides that he’d like to go back to the farm and get the man who had a gun to his head a couple of days earlier and invite him to live in the prison. Of course, Lori bitches at him and of course, Rick doesn’t care what anyone thinks and grabs Dale and heads off.

At the farm, Hershel’s cooking some zombies. Rick’s all like “Dude, you wanna come live in a prison?” Hershel’s all like “Yeah, dude”

So everyone comes back with Rick except Otis, who stays behind to look after the livestock on the farm. That and he and Patricia are splitsville. Straight away Lori gets all up in Rick’s grill because they are criminals in the prison. Go fig.

While everyone is asleep, Julie and Chris bang each other. And then after that, they bang each other for realsies. With guns. And kill each other! Except Chris is a little bit quicker on the trigger and Julie doesn’t get her shot off. Rick and Tyreese come in and Tyreese is pissed that his little girl took a shot in the mouth. Either/both ways.

Julie comes back all zombified and tries to eat her Dad. Rick is confused by this, as she died without getting bitten and came back. Chris gives her another shot in the face and this one puts her down. Tyreese without a blink chokes the shit out of Chris and kills him. And then kills him again when he comes back.

Rick doesn’t tell the group what really happened, he tells them it was a double suicide. No body seems to care and goes to bed, but Rick doesn’t sleep that night.

Rick decides the next day that he has something to do and in true Rick fashion, doesn’t feel like telling anyone what he’s up to. He gets on his motorcycle and rides off. What he is doing is visiting Shane’s grave site, calling him to climb out and then shooting him in the head. Just to make sure that he’s dead. Because Rick is a thorough bastard.

Tyreese, Glenn and Andrea clean out the gym of Zombies. Tyreese runs in like a madman trying to kill them all. Glenn and Andrea get the hell out of there, leaving Tyreese to be eaten. While that’s happening, someone gives Hershel’s two young girls, Susie and Rachel, freshly chopped off heads!!

Lori looses her mind and immediately blames Dexter, because he’s the only ‘convicted’ murderer here. Even though her own son killed the guy she was shagging behind her husbands back. But hey, who am I to say…. They lock Dexter up until Rick gets back.

Carol makes a pass at Lori. What the hell….

Rick, the all-conquering has returned and his first business is to check on Tyreese and make sure he’s dead. However, Tyreese managed to kill every zombie in the joint all by himself and was sitting all in dead guts, because he’s a complete badass.

Next order of business is to question Dexter. Dexter says that he didn’t do it. Rick doesn’t believe him. What a surprise. Later Andrew comes to visit Dexter and talk about taking the prison back with the shotguns from the armoury. Andrew can do this.

Thomas walks in on Andrea doing some laundry, pulls a knife on her and wants to know ‘why so serious?’ and gives her a half Chelsea Grin. Andrea gets away and runs to the yard with Thomas in tow still trying to fill her with knife holes. Rick hasn’t had his fill of violence for this week tackles Thomas and just pounds on his face until it stops resembling a face and Rick’s hand looks more like a foot.

Rick now implements a ‘You Kill, You Die’ rule. Also, forgetting that Carl, HIS SON, killed Shane. And Tyreese had killed Chris only a few days before. But lets just conveniently forget, like Rick and Lori have, because rules shouldn’t apply to people in YOUR group. So Thomas is going to swing from the long rope.

So Rick gets his hand fixed up a little and goes to let Dexter out of his cage and is a complete asshole to him. No sorry’s or apologies. Just asks if he’s going to start trouble. Because of all the lack of trouble he’s already caused.

Hershel’s smacking the shit out of his kids for talking, when Rick comes by to tell him that they have the guy who killed his two little girls and wants to watch the hanging.

Patricia acts like a lunatic and tries to let Thomas escape and she gets a beating for her efforts. Maggie shows up and empties a clip into Thomas and feels heaps better for it.

Thomas’ body is thrown outside the gates and the zombies treat him like a christmas Bon-bon (if Rick hadn’t cancelled it previously) Hershel just stands at the fence watching it looking kinda sad.

With all the action going down, no one was keeping tabs on Dexter. He and Andrew have the guns from the armoury and is demanding that Rick and the Gang leave the block. (Sound familiar, but it’s not their fault you see. It’s everyone elses)



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