The Walking Dead Volume 4 – The Heart’s Desire

What happened last volume

* Rick and the Gang enter the prison and kill an ass-load of already dead people.
* The fact that there are 4 prisoners living in THE PRISON freaks Lori out. How could this happen? Why would they even be there? (detect the sarcasm?)
* Rick heads off and gets Hershel and his family to come and join them at the prison. Yep. The same Hershel who tried to kill him only days earlier.
* Chris and Julie try murder/suicide. Chris got it right for Julie. Tyreese gives Chris a hand to reach his goal of being dead. They come back to life and are killed again.
* Because Chris and Julie came back as zombies, even though they weren’t bitten, this propels Rick to go back and kill the already dead Shane again. Because Carl already has the first notch on his belt.
* One of the prisoners, Thomas, liberates Hershel’s twin girl’s heads from the rest of their body’s. Their heads come back to life and are killed again.
* Lori loses her mind and blindly blames Dexter for the murders, because he was in prison for murder and locks him up in a cell. Her own son has killed someone, but she conveniently forgets that fact and he’s allowed to walk around free as a bird.
* Tyreese kills ALL of the Zombies in the gym. All by himself. Like a BEAST!
* Thomas tries to kill Andrea and make her look like The Joker. A returning Rick smashes his face in with his foot-like fists. Thomas is then fed to the zombies outside the gate. Hershel watches on kinda creepy.
* Freshly released from cell life, Dexter gets a hold of some guns and tries to kick Rick and the Gang out of the prison.

And here we go.

Dexter is pissed! Patricia tries to calm him down with no effect. Even though he has a gun pointed at Lori and Carl, Rick seems to think that he can reason with Dexter. If Dex shoots his wife and kid, at least it’s not him, right? He lets Rick know that he got the guns from A-Block. A part of the prison that hadn’t been de-zombied yet. And you guessed it, they all come flooding out looking for that sweet people flesh that’s spoken about so highly in all the zombie restaurants! RIck and the Gang load up on guns and start a blasting.

Otis, coming from the farm to the Prison for the first time sees the shootout and tries to get in, but is quickly surrounded by Zombies. Just then a complete badass chick with a sword and two armless pet zombies of her own, comes up and saves him, by slicing all the zombies heads off and stabbing them in the face.

Meanwhile back at Z Massacre, Rick decides that Dexter is a hinderance to his wanting to steal the prison away and gets an extra killy look on his face and blows Dexter away!

Screen shot 2013-07-16 at 6.56.16 PM

Rick doesn’t believe that his own rule of ‘You Kill, You Die’ doesn’t apply, because rules are for fools!! Only Tyreese sees this happen. Rick lets everyone assume that he got killed by accident. Because he’s an ass!! Patricia is the only one that’s sad.

Otis finally gets inside the gates and bring the badass chick with him. Her name is Michonne and Rick says there’s no Zombie pets allowed if she wants to stay, so she promptly kills them. Rick also wants her sword which she’s happy to give up. Andrew runs out the gates never to be seen again.

Tyreese brings up Rick hypocrisy in killing Dexter. Rick doens’t seem to care too much.

Andrea has made the whole group new clothes out of the prison issues. YAY!!! So much orange to go around. Awesome camouflage! If you’re trying to hide from deer!!!

Otis confronts Patricia about her dumb actions trying to help the prisoners. Turns out Otis is quite the racist as well.

While Carol and Tyreese are about to get it on in the gym, Michonne walks in wanting to pump some iron. She recognises Tyreese from his NFL days. They talk football and Carol gets jealous.

The lads decide to clean out A-Block. Tyreese and Dale find the generator which they want to get up and running. Rick, Axel and Allen find a library. Allen just isn’t up for all this excitement and lags behind and gets bitten on the leg by a zombie skulking in the shadows. Shadow Zombie!!

Rick hasn’t smashed anything in an hour or two and cuts Allen’s foot off with his axe. All in the name of keeping him alive. No one wants him to do this, but since has Rick cared about other people’s opinions? 10 points for never to you!! Hershel comes to find out what the hell is going on and sees that if Allen wasn’t going to die from the bite, Rick was helping him get to death a little faster by mutilating him. Good ol’ Hershel takes over and doesn’t his best to save Allen, but he’s already in really bad shape.

After all this hub-bub, Tyreese thinks ‘what better time to go and work on my 3 point shot’ in the gym. Michonne walks in and sees some balls that she wants to play with as well. Tyreese is very happy about this. Carol, who’s looking on through the window is not. That night Carol kicks Tyreese out of their cell, but cuddles are a must before that happens.

Later that day, Michonne is in her cell talking to someone who isn’t there. Andrea sees this, but Michonne is adamant that it wasn’t her talking. Because Michonne is a badass, Andrea stops her questions.

The prison grounds are getting tilled up to grow some vegetables and what not, to help feed the prison for a long time to come.

Rick and Lori go to check on Carol, to see why she broke it off with Tyreese. Instead what they find is Carol with big cuts in her wrists while Sophie sits in a corner all scared. Rick goes to Tyreese to tell him what happened and he’s all up on Michonne. Rick wigs out more than usual saying that Tyreese has essentially killed Carol if she dies. Tyreese has had an absolute gut full of Ricks bullshit and beats the snot out of him.

In true Rick spirit, he can’t just take an ass whippin and be done with it. No, he needs to trap off some more, telling Tyreese that his murder of Chris wasn’t justified. Tyreese owns up to it like a man, then reminds Rick of Dexter and was that justified or not. Rick does not take that like a man and makes excuses as to why he didn’t tell everyone. Mostly because of his leadership status. He doesn’t want people to question him and Tyreese is finding out first hand why that is.

Then it’s Round #2 of the great Prison Punch-on!!

Rick gets the worst of it and passes out while leaning on a rail. He falls over it onto the ground 1 floor below. Concerned, Tyreese jumps down to see if Rick’s ok and is kicked swiftly in the face. Rick wont even have it that he blacked out and blames Tyreese for pushing him over the rail. What a great leader!

Allen dies, due to Zombie Bite x Rick’s shitty amputation. Rick hasn’t killed anything in about half an hour, but his badly beaten body isn’t that bad that he can’t get up off the floor (when about 2 minutes beforehand couldn’t do it even with Lori’s help) and shoot Allen in the face.

Carol is going to be A-Okay though. Rick blacks out again. Or maybe Tyreese pushed him.

Rick wakes up a couple of days later to Carol staring at him like a crazy. She than makes a pass at Rick and kisses him. What??

After Carol leaves, Dale comes to tell Rick that it’s been decided that he’s not the sole leader of the group anymore. It’s now a committee of Rick, Dale, Tyreese and Hershel. Rick agrees that this is a good idea as he doesn’t want to be leader anymore.

Immediately Rick walks out to the yard where everyone is helping with the new garden and gave a very leader-like (if not more like a dictator-esque) speech. Just to show the group that even though there’s a 4 man leadership committee, he’s more of a leader than they are. Things are bleak in the world and they’re all living on borrowed time because they’ll all end up zombies eventually. Leading by fear!

The End of Volume 4

Volume 5 is here


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