Batman Arkham Origins – Copperhead Reveal Trailer (updated)

Comic Con has struck again!!

A forth assassin has been named for this years instalment of Batman goodness!!

Chick assassin Copperhead is spinning around Bats and tearing him up in this newly released trailer!

The awesome people over at Batman Arkham Origins website have released this info on the new incarnation of Copperhead

“Copperhead” is a possible group identity or floating moniker.

Initial reports of a contract killer using the name “Copperhead” have appeared in various South American Criminal Databases. Reports were, however, inconsistent: conflicting intelligence suggests “Copperhead” may be a pair or even a group of individuals, both male and female, operating under the pseudonym. Analysts suggest Guatemala is the center of operations of this identity.

Consistent elements include snake-themed tattoo markings, and non-restrictive garment to aid with agility. At least two known suspects have been known to avoid wearing footwear.

Some elements are consistent across all reports, and will be represented here. All reports indicate the killer is highly mobile, with an extremely flexible physiology. Case detectives suggest that the individual uses this ability to gain access to structures via small accessways, vents, and construction imperfections. Attributed killings are consistently either asphyxiation, fracture of the cervical vertebrae, or death through the application of exotic poisons.


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