The Walking Dead Volume 5 – The Best Defense

What happened in Volume 4

* Rick doesn’t like the way Dexter wants him and his group to leave the prison. So it’s killin’ time for good ol’ Rick!
* Otis joins the group in the prison and is joined by sword swinging badass, Michonne.
* Otis has had it with Patricia. He has also had it with different coloured people.
* Tyreese and Dale find a generator to power Zombie Penitentiary!
* Allen gets bitten on the ankle by a shadow zombie. So it’s leg choppin’ time for good ol’ Rick. And he loves it.
* Michonne gets a special piece of Tyreese in the gym while Carol watches. Carol kicks Tyreese out of her cell the next day.
* Michonne talks to invisible people.
* Carol slits her wrists.
* Rick doesn’t like the way Tyreese is conducting his own life. So it’s Tyreese bashing time for good ol’ Rick.
* Tyreese beats the snot out of Rick.
* The group is now led by a 4-way committee consisting of Rick, Tyreese, Hershel and Dale. But Rick delivers a bleak and dictator-like speech to show that he’s more equal than the other committee members.

And here we go.

The lads of the group are searching A-Block for stray zombies. Rick and Tyreese are still having snarky little digs at each other. Glenn and Maggie join the posse and show let them know that they found the armoury. That place is loaded with guns, ammo and body armour, which Glenn thinks will be a great help for when culling the herd of zombies is in need. This is all good, but they need to get fuel for the generator. Rick and Glenn decide to don the armoured suits and hit up the car-park and get some.

While they’re doing this, they spot a helicopter over head. Then it just crashes to the ground. Rick of course wants to go and investigate. He runs back to the group to let them all know, but the only one who seen it was Michonne, who wants to go with Rick and Glenn to check it out. She also has her sword back, which makes Rick uncomfortable, because she’s much more of a badass than he is. And he knows it.

Lori and Carol are spending a lot more time together. Just chilling while the Carl and Sophia play. Lori suggest that they watch a movie when the power comes on.

Rick, Glenn and Michonne are in a car driving to the crash site by following the smoke. Glenn is a crap driver and get the car bogged in a field when they run out of road. They now have to travel by foot the rest of the way. While Michonne is massacring dead people, she calmly talk s about what she used to be before Z-Day. She knows how to use a sword through her fencing training in 17 years of college (she was a lawyer). SHe also tells Rick to be friends with Tyreese. This takes Rick back, but decides that he should listen to Miss Badass and that what they do is none of his business. This even shocks Rick himself.

Back at the Lori and Carol show. Lori is losing her mind AGAIN. This time, because Rick has left them again, not knowing whether he’ll return or not. Carol thinks that this is the PERFECT time to propose that she, Lori and Rick all get married!

It’s not.

Lori tries to explain to Carol that this is a bad idea, but when she doesn’t understand, Lori thinks hitting some home truths is the best tactic.

It’s not.

Carol storms out very angry.

Tyreese and Axle are waiting at the fence hoping the happy trio will return with all sorts of helicopter crash goodness.

But they’re not going to be back any time soon. Rick, Glenn and Lady Badass have now found the crashed helicopter, there’s no bodies, but a whole bunch of foot prints. They figure that someone else got to them first and have taken them to where ever they live. They’ve found a trail of a vehicle and it leads to a city called Woodbury, so that’s where they’re going to go. Not back home so their friends and family can stop worrying and they can have the use of a car. But they’re going to walk there. Now. In the middle of the night. to add to this, Michonne informs Rick and Glenn that they are being followed by a pack of zombies and have been for quite some time.


Flood lights come on and the zombies that have been following the three now have massive gun shot wounds to their heads. They are grabbed by some men and dragged behind some walls. They have their weapons taken from them by a man named Martinez who is one of the security guards of Woodbury. A man who goes by the name ‘The Governor’ walks up and introduces himself and takes them on a tour of Woodbury. He seems like a smiley version of Danny Trejo. When he asks about their story, Michonne straight up lies to him. Rick goes along with it. The Gov tells them how Woodbury came to be.

They have entertainment there and The Gov being a gracious host invites them to watch it with them. It happens to be a fight using chained up zombies as a ring. No Rope-a-dope here. Rick, to no ones surprise, doesn’t like this. But he likes it even less when he finds out what are fed to the zombies. Strangers who happen to come past! Which would be them. And the people who they found at the helicopter crash site. The Governor lays down the law because he senses that Rick is in need of a good talking to about his attitude. Said the people in the helicopter was from a Television station in Atlanta and it was a news chopper. Some one at the station had sabotaged the helicopter and that’s why it crashed.

Meanwhile, the fight starts and the crowd love it. Two dudes in football and baseball catcher get-up come out with weapons and start beating the snot out of each other.

Mr. Gov calls Michonne and Rick out on their lies and tells them that everything will be fine if they just hand over everything they have. He knows that they’re hold up somewhere close and they have guns and ammo and food and he wants it all for his own people. Rick continues with the original lie which is not helping his cause. The Gov has had a gut full of Rick and his bullshit, gets his men to hold him down and chops off his damn hand with a damn kitchen knife!

Michonne takes a little offence to this and jumps The Gov and she has a hankering for some ears!! So she bites his off! Michonne is pulled off The Gov and is told to put her in ‘The Room’! Glenn who hasn’t said a damn thing gets his own room as well. Rick gets a free trip to the Doctors Office!

Doctor Steven’s has a good look at where Rick’s hand was last and is madly trying to fix it with the aid of his helper Alice. Doctor Stevens isn’t much of a fan of The Governor. Seems the feelings a mutual. Rick wakes up from his surgery. What’s the first thing you think Rick would do after remembering he had his hands hacked off and see that it’s been professionally bandaged up? That’s right, try to punch the doctor out. Doctor Stevens and Alice sedate him, because he’s a danger to everyone and everything he comes across.

It’s now time for Mr. Gov to visit our resident badass who has had her arms and legs chained to adjacent walls, so she is all stretched out. Michonne is talking to the invisible man again. Gov doesn’t care for that. Now it’s time for her punishment. The governor beats her and rapes the hell out of her. When he’s done, he tries for a bit of witty commentary about what just happened, but Mrs. Badass herself just lets him know that she’s going to get him! And it scares her, the lengths she’s going to go to when she gets her hands on him. The Gov laughs this off and tells her to get ready, because he’s going to be back for more! I think the Gov is mistaking his balls for the giant set that Michonne has.

The Governor walks back to his home. Most people in the street really like him. He helps a mom control her kids. Makes sure a guy named Bob has food. A man of the people. This is a very different side to him that we haven’t seen.

Then he gets into his apartment and we meet his daughter. Who’s a zombie! He has her chained up.

One of his men knocks on the door and delivers a package. In that box is Rick’s hand, which he promptly feeds to his daughter. The other items are the heads from the two people on the chopper! He places them in a large fish tank filled with other heads that he’s collected. They’re all still living! He sits in a Laz-e-boy in front of them and tries to enjoy the show.

Next day, Glenn is dragged from his room to another one. The Gov and his heavy work out that they might come from a prison. Then the The Gov tells Glenn that right next door is Michonne and he be able to hear what’s going to happen to her. The Governor leaves, goes next door and beats and rapes the hell out of Michonne again. Glenn cries while he listens.

Rick’s being tended to by Dr. Stevens. Who should punch Rick in the stump every hour on the hour, just to teach him a lesson in manners! But he’s a good man, so he helps him. The Gov walks in to get his ear fixed from the previous nights removal. Talks a whole bunch of smack to Rick and then tells him that he let Glenn go and that he knows Rick has a prison! Rick damn near has a heart attack and the Governor sees it. Now he knows for sure that’s where they’re holed up and he wants to go and take it. He just has to locate it first!!

The end of Volume 5

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