Batman/Superman movie coming! Press Conference Footage – SDCC

So this is pretty huge news from Comic Con this past weekend!!

The next Man Of Steel movie, coming out in 2015 will feature BATMAN!! From the comments that I’ve read, people seem to be well into this and is probably going to be the biggest superhero movie ever made.

That is, until they lead on into The Justice League after this little tie-in.

What’s the story going to be about? Who’s going to be the villain? How is the Dark and Broody, Batman going to fit into the bright and shiny Metropolis? Or will Supe’s coming to Gotham? Maybe they’ll meet in Star City?


The only think that I really want to see in this movie is Bruce Wayne interact with Lex Luthor! Previously, I’ve mentioned how much I love the scenes from the Graphic Novel ‘Luthor’ written by Brian Azzarello with art by Lee Bermejo and would love to see them interact more in the comics in this way. Here’s hoping that it may come out in the movie!!

Anyway, check out the Press Conference from Comic Con with the announcement of Man of Steel 2


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