The Walking Dead Volume 6 – This Sorrowful Life

What happened in volume 5

* The group find the armoury loaded with guns, ammo and riot gear. Rick and Tyreese still aren’t best friends.
* Rick, Glenn and Michonne see a helicopter crash and leave the group to investigate.
* While Lori is in a tirade, Carol tells her that she wants to marry Lori AND Rick! This does not end well.
* At the helicopter crash site there are no bodies to be found, but there are tracks from a car, which they follow to a town called Woodbury
* Just outside the gates of Woodbury, the trio are saved from a zombie attack by the town’s guards, who bring them into the confines.
* The happy trio meets ‘The Governor’, who runs Woodbury and he takes them to the towns entertainment. Zombie-Ring fighting.
* The Governor isn’t putting up with Rick and Michonne’s lies. He lays down the law, tells them that they are food for his boxing-ring-of-zombies and chops Rick’s hand off, just to bring the point home, as he realises quickly, Rick isn’t the best listener.
* Michonne isn’t too fond of this idea and jumps on The Gov and bites his ear off!
* The Gov isn’t too fond of THAT idea and locks them all up. Rick is taken to the town Doctor.
* Michonne is chained in a room alone and The Gov shows her what a foul mood he is in without his ear.
* The Gov figures he’s done enough to mentally and physically scar people for life today, so he goes home to feed his ‘ZOMBIE DAUGHTER’ Rick’s hand and put the heads of the helicopter occupants into his fish-tank.
* Next day, The Governor shows Michonne what Round 2 feels like, while Glenn is made to listen.
* The Governor has worked out that the now unhappy trio, live in a prison and wants to take it for his own.

And here we go.

Things aren’t looking so pretty for our unhappy trio of Rick, Glenn and Michonne. Rick is getting his freshly made stump tended to by Doctor Stevens, when the two fighters from the previous nights enter and argue about the fight being too…. fighty. One kills the other in the Doctors Office. This means that The Gov needs another fighter and he thinks that a freshly, beaten a raped Michonne will make for a perfect contestant. He explains that the fights are fixed and no-one does any real damage, but thinks it’s a good idea to give her back her sword to make it seem fair, seeing she’s fighting men.

After an impromptu meeting with The Gov, Martinez comes to the Doctors office to find Rick with a stump where his hand used to be and is horrified and tries to give Rick sympathy. But Rick, being Rick, wants to fight Martinez. Stevens breaks this up and gets Martinez out of there.


The Governor walks up to his private box because it’s fight time!! Out walks Michonne and her sword against the killer in the Doctors Office and they’re totally surrounded by Zombies. Well, she DID have an opponent. And there WERE zombies surrounding them. But Michonne thought that they all looked better without heads!

The Governor wasn’t fond of this look. The crowd wasn’t fond of what they just seen. It’s meant to be ‘good clean fun’ apparently! Governor calls for someone to get Michonne and lock her away. Which happens. The Governor then grabs her sword and he’s now prepped and armed to kill the hell out of her.

Back in the hospital, Rick is getting to know Alice a little better as she tends to his stump. The one where his hand use to be attached! Filthy…

Anywho, Martinez runs in telling Rick he needs to stop messing with the nurse and come with him, because they’re going to escape! He’s taken out the guards guarding him, they get Glenn and they’re off to get Michonne.

The Gov is outside Michonne’s room and psyching himself up to chop her into little itty-bitty pieces with her own sword, when he stops himself. He wants to sleep on it. Because a good nights sleep is important when slaughtering people.

This leaves her room open for Rick and the gang to collect her. On their way there, they’re chased down by Alice, who is sick of the Governor’s shit and wants to leave with them. Dr. Stevens as well. He’s going to catch up. They get to Michonne’s room, Martinez beats down the guard and they get her out of there. Martinez takes them to a part of the wall that is barely covered and sends the guard away so they can sneak out. Everyone except Miss Badass USA! Because she’s too hardcore, she needs to have a little private time with the Governor before it’s go time.

Just on the other side of the wall, a member of the Zombie Nation bites the living hell out of Dr. Stevens neck. Alice puts the Zombie down with a rifle shot to the face. But it’s time to grab the medical supplies and book.

Mr. Gov is having a great time feeding his daughter some poor suckers foot, when they are disturbed by a very pissy Michonne!

Her sword just happens to be lying around on the ground near The Gov. But when he goes to grab it, she beats the holy piss out of him until he blacks out….

Wakey, wakey, Mr. Gov.

You’ve been stripped naked, tied up and had your manhood nailed to a board on the floor! And that’s the good news. Miss Super-Badass is here to show Marcellus Wallace how it’s done! She has plier, a hammer, a blow torch, a spoon and an electric drill. After a bit if revenge torture, she chops his arm off. Because in her arsenal of weapons, she also has her sword. How does she keep him from bleeding? Blow torch the wound of course! The good Gov comes in and out of consciousness, but comes too just in time to have his eye popped out with the spoon.

The Gov’s lads come a-knockin’ and this is Michonne’s cue to get out the window. But not before letting Zombie Daughter loose onto the unsuspecting duo.

Michonne makes her way out of Woodbury and is now wandering back to the prison to chill out. She comes past the helicopter crash where Rick and Friends stayed the night. They all walk back to the prison together. Rick says to Glenn that he doesn’t trust Alice, after all, she was the one who helped heal his chopped off hand and all. That’s all you need to be untrustworthy in Ricks eyes. Help him!

They find their car, kill a bunch of dead people around them and drive off into the sunset. Well, close. Its back to the prison, where they discover that the gates are open and the zombies are all up the prison’s grill.

Glenn is sick of this Zombie bullshit. Gets back in the car and tries to run them over. He also mistook a wall for a zombie and crashed right into it. Everyone else is killing the zombies the old-fashioned way. With guns. While Alice is getting Glenn to safety, Rick is attacked by Zombie Otis and kills him. Andrea and Dale, who’s been hiding since the Z-Attack, pop out of the RV to say hello. They ALL eventually make it inside the prison itself, where everyone else have been hiding.

Lori and Carl are scared when they see the fate of Rick’s hand. Tyreese takes this opportunity, and a bit of pleasure, telling Rick that he’s now not on the Zombie Killing Squad. Because he’s disabled. Rick takes this personally, but Tyreese puts the hard words on him making him think about his wife before he goes back out. Rick is sad. But not because he’s put Lori through all types of stress, especially while she’s pregnant. It’s because he thinks he’s not going to be allowed to kill anything any more. Tyreese takes the role of boss and a team go out and help with Project: Zombie Genocide.

Before all the zombie bodies can be made into a bonfire, Glenn wants to go through all the lady zombies. So he can find a ring for Maggie. Hershel gives his approval. Maggie says ‘Yes’ to the dead zombie ring proposal

During zombie clean-up #472 Rick and Tyreese become BFF’s again. Only because Tyreese wanted to. Rick wasn’t about to ask anytime soon. Even though Michonne ordered him to (Rick don’t take orders). It comes to Rick’s attention that Martinez hasn’t been seen in a while. Rick figures he’s heading back to Woodbury to tell The Gov where the prison’s at. He now decides that it was Martinez that he didn’t trust, not Alice, and runs to get the RV to chase him down. Which he does. And runs him over. Martinez tries to tell Rick that he was only going back to get the good people of Woodbury, even though he was running away from Rick and didn’t tell anyone back at the prison what he was doing. Rick see’s through that and chokes the shit out of him until he dies.

Rick calls a meeting when he gets back and tells everyone what happened to them at Woodbury and that eventually they are going to be attacked and need to be ready!


End of Volume 6

Volume 7 is right HERE


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