Gravity Trailer – Detached and Drifting

Back in May, I posted the first trailer for space movie ‘Gravity’ starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t confuse this for some romantic comedy. This is the scariest trailer I’ve seen in my life. This includes The Conjuring and Evil Dead.

That was until I saw this new ones they released.

Floating in space. No one to save you. You’re ship has been torn apart and you’re going to die the most scary and horrifying death imaginable. And you’re going to be all alone!!

It shouldn’t really be that scary, because how many of us really are going to be in this position? Unless you count the Mars One Project

This is absolute lunacy. But I really want to watch it, even though I’ll be uncomfortable the entire time.


One thought on “Gravity Trailer – Detached and Drifting

  1. They absolutely should have released “Drifting” as the teaser trailer! Then what they released as the teaser trailer as the Theatrical. “Detached” left me a bit meh, but the other two are sublime – don’t think I’m gonna watch any more of them because I want to go into the movie cold…

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