The Walking Dead Volume 7 – The Calm Before

What happened last volume

* Michonne is made to fight inside the Zombie-Ring of Doom by The Governor, hoping she’ll get all beat up and/or bitten. But for some dumb reason, he lets her use her sword.
* She kills her opponent and all the zombies with her sword within seconds.
* The Governor is shocked at why she would do such a thing.
* He takes her sword back and wants to kill her, but decides sleep is more important at this point in time.
* Martinez, the guard, helps Rick, Glenn, Alice and Dr Stevens escape. Dr.Stevens became zombie food as soon as he stepped outside the wall’s. Michonne WAS part of that group, but wanted to pay the Governor a little visit before she leaves.
* Michonne shows The Governor what poor hospitality she was shown during her stay at Woodbury. This is communicated to The Gov via extreme violence, using weapons in sadistic manners.
* Michonne leaves Woodbury and catches up with Rick and the gang and heads back to the prison. Leaving The Governor missing an arm, an eye and his manhood. Miss Badass does not mess around with her feedback.
* The gang finally get back to the prison only to find that it has been overrun with zombies again. They enter the prison to find everyone OK. Except for Otis. He’s now grunting his racist gibberish in Zombinese!
* Tyreese forcefully takes over the leadership from Rick because he is missing a hand and takes charge in the Zombie Genocide.
* But Rick’s eyes work better than Tyreese’s, when he notices that Martinez is a traitor and has left for Woodbury to tell a deformed Governor where the prison is.
* Rick’s ‘Killing Senses’ are also working better than usual when he runs over Martinez with the RV, before he can get to his destination and then chokes him with his good hand until Martinez dies!
* Non-Leader Rick then gives another Leader/Dictator-like speech to the group about getting ready for a war with anyone who wants to take the prison from them!

And here we go.

Lori is still reminiscing about all the sexy time she had with Shane while resting her head in Rick’s lap. Because she’s a classy piece of work like that.

Glenn and Maggie are getting married and the whole prison turned out for the occasion. Hershel is the one officiating the ceremony and it’s short and sweet, because the happy couple need to get busy!!

Tyreese, Dale and Rick are again going through the armoury to check what they have to defend themselves against an attack. Dale doesn’t think that it’s enough and says that they should raid the National Guard Station where the people of Woodbury were getting their weapons. It’s agreed. Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Tyreese, Andrea and Axle get in the RV and head off to try to find it.

Rick has to stay at the prison because he has no hand and is deemed useless. He’s feeling a little sorry for himself. Lori thinks this is the perfect time to tell him that it’s not his baby that she’s having. It’s Shane’s! But Rick cut’s this bitch off and tells her that this is something he really doesn’t need to know. Ignorance is bliss type thing.

Eventually, the traveling group find the National Guard Station, all because Axle needed to take a piss on a road sign.

There they find trucks, grenades, more guns and ammo, a gas station and a TANK! They load everything they can into one of the huge trucks and head off. But they just have to blow the gas station up before the go.

And what would a road trip be without a little bit of shopping? On the way back to the prison they decide to loot the local Walmart. What they didn’t consider, is that the huge explosion they just left behind them and that some people from, say, Woodbury might want to come and check that out with their guns. And that they might notice that one of the trucks from the compound is sitting in the Walmart car park! And that’s exactly what happened.

Glenn tries to open a dialogue with the 4 guys brandishing high-powered weapons. The lead guy opened up a monologue with a bullet to Glenn’s chest. Lucky for Glenn, his riot gear can take a whack. This is all Michonne needs to see and she gets all samurai on three of them, while Andrea takes out the last one. Now would be a perfect time to leave they feel.

It’s time for Lori to give birth! And to make sure this happens as good as it can, they need to make sure the generator stays on. So Billy and Dale run outside the gates to get some more fuel from the cars in the car park. It’s dark, and that means Shadow Zombies!! And you guessed it, one gets Dale right on the ankle, just as the foraging group returns with their booty!

Lori gives birth to a little girl. I already feel sorry for her because her parents suck. Just the, in run the returning group carrying freshly bitten Dale. He needs a lot of help. Rick knows what to do. Even though it didn’t work last time and Allen died, Rick just needs to hack at something and Dale’s leg is looking really good. Alice doesn’t think she can do it, so Rick is only too happy to grab the saw and start cutting!! While everyone is frantically trying to get things to stop the bleeding so they can save Dale’s life. Lori feeling the need to get some attention back on her declares that she’s naming the little girl Judith.

Dale wakes up and is all fine! The bite didn’t get infected. Andrea feels the need to remind him that he’s old and needs to quit doing things. I’m sure Dale missing a foot will only help her cause. But she finds some crutches so he can get around. So that was nice.

Lori comes to collect Carl from Carol’s cell and tries to make friends again. Carol is happy about this.

Andrea takes a group of shooters outside the gate for target practice for when the war comes. Before she gets out the gate, Alice asks if she could capture a zombie and chain it up. She wants to do all sort of experiments on it to try to find a cure or a reason why they are the way they are.

Rick, of course, loses his mind and doesn’t care what the reasons are and wants to kill it. He eventually gives in to Alice’s plea’s, but she has to put it between the fences.

Carol asks Lori if she’ll look after Sophia if she were to die. Of course Lori tells her not to think like that, but she most certainly would. With that in mind, Carol wanders into Billy’s cell and molests him. Billy is really into this!

After all that goes down Carol wanders up to the zombie and talks to it for a while. And lets her new friend eat her.

Everyone freaks out and Andrea puts a hole in Carol’s Zombie head!

More burials.

As the prison is getting prepared for the so-called-war that might happen, getting the towers stocked with ammunition and what not. Most people are enjoying life in the prison.

The the so-called-war roles up to the fences in the form of trucks and a TANK!!!!!

The End of Volume 7

Read Volume 8 HERE


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