The Walking Dead Volume 8 – Made To Suffer

What happened last volume

* Glenn married Maggie!
* It’s decided that the prison people need to raid the National Guard Station so that they can defend themselves against Woodbury
* Rick’s not allowed to go because he’s not very ‘handy’. This makes Rick more sad.
* During Rick’s sadnees, Lori tries to tell Rick that the baby’s not his. But Rick aint got time for none of that.
* After raiding the National Guard Station, the Prison Group want to shop at Walmart. There’ they get new clothes and kill some Woodbury people.
* Lori gives birth to a little girl named Judith.
* While trying to get fuel for the generator, Dale is bitten on the ankle by a zombie.
* This gets Rick feeling all choppy and he saws off Dale’s foot. Because he had such a great success doing that last time.
* This time is does work and Dale is fine. Rick is .500 with amputations.
* Alice would like to examine a zombie and try to find a treatment. So one is captured and tied up. Rick loses his mind, of course.
* Carol, on the other hand, loves this idea and lets the tied up zombie eat her.
* The people of Woodbury drives vehicles up the the fences. Oh yeah, they have a TANK!!!

And here we go.

There’s a FLASHBACK!!!!

The Governor has just been totally messed up by Michonne (See Volume 5) He’s bandaged up and his life is basically saved. Minus, Arm, Eye and Manhood. While he’s healing, he gets news that his man Martinez has been found dead. This means that he needs to address his people. He gives Rick a run for his money when it comes to giving a dictator, scare tactic filled speeches, but with a sprinkle of lies on top. He asks his people if they know of a prison in the area.

Some time has gone by, when The Gov is notified of an explosion at the National Guard. He and some men go to check it out. They find the freshly dead bodies of some of their other men at a Walmart. He knows that Prison People have no long been there and wants to find their prison NOW!!!! A couple of his scouts find it so he prepares everyone for an attack! And it’s GO TIME!!!


The Gov and the Woodbury Army open fire on the prison and everyone ducks for cover. After a little bit The Gov calls for a cease fire and lets Rick and Friends know that they’ll be left to live if they give The Gov EVERYTHING. This isn’t going to happen. But what IS going to happen, is Andrea heads up the tower and takes a pot shot at The Gov, but the bullet ricochets off his riot gear that he took from Rick. She takes out one the shooters, but this gives away her position and leaves her open to being shot at. Which is exactly what happens. She takes one to the head.

The Gov uses the TANK!!! to run down all the zombies and lets one of his men know that they don’t know how to fire it. Now that they zombies are out of the way, it’s commence firing again! Axle takes a hole to the shoulder.

Andrea (aka Scarface) is back up and seriously pissed. She’s firing on and killing people left and right. Glenn’s also up on a tower and firing down some rain! After having so many people killed in such a short time, The Gov packs up his bat and ball and heads back home. Miss American Badass Michonne wants to go after them and chop all their heads off. Tyreese thinks it’s a good point. Dale is dragging Andrea to be seen by Alice. Axle also would like some medical attention. But Rick has been shot in the chest again and everyone loses it!

Alice is a damn miracle worker. Andrea’s all bandaged up and is fine. Axle is sore, but he’s bandaged up and fine. Rick has had the bullet taken out and basically fine. He needs blood though. Lucky for Rick, Patricia has Type ‘O’ blood, which is compatible with all blood types and saves his life!

Dale and Andrea talk about packing up the RV, taking the kids the hell out of the prison as it’s too dangerous now that they’re all being shot at. This isn’t such a bad idea. Dale asks Lori if she’d like to bring her family along. Lori of course loses her shit, but Dale tells her, he’s taking Sophia and there’s nothing she can do to stop him. Glen and Maggie join Team RV and they head out the gates.

Meanwhile, Tyreese and Michone get their Riot Gear on and are going Governor hunting! They come across some people from Woodbury. While Tyreese is a bit afraid that they’re being shot at, Michonne runs in chopping off heads as she goes!

Rick wakes up. Even after being shot in the chest, all he needs is some crutches to help him walk around the yards, because Rick doesn’t give a damn about what bullet holes have to say! He has a look at some improvements that’s been made to the Prisons defences while he was out. He’s feeling pretty good about their situation now. Perfect time for Alice to tell him that half of the population of the prison have left. This makes Rick a little unsure now.

Back at The Governors hide out, his men bring him the beaten body of Tyreese! One of them tell The Gov that they also shot Michonne in the head and killed her and presents him with her sword!

Rick takes role of leader again (like he lost in the first place) and tries to make the prison more secure. While this is happening, he tells Carl to pack a backpack with food. Just incase they need to make a break for it if they get attacked again. Then he gives Carl his gun back.

While things have calmed down a little a truck drives up to the jails fences. It’s a visit from the governor and he’s brought a guest. A severely beaten Tyreese! The Gov tells them that they also have Michonne and if they don’t make it back alive, she’ll be dead. He want’s them to open the gates and get in his truck, or he’ll kill Tyreese. No body even thinks twice about moving. So with Michonne’s sword he swings it at Tyreese’s neck. He doesn’t have the skill off Miss Badass and only make a little cut. This is going to require more swings if he’s going to chop of Tyreese’s head. 5 more to be exact. The Gov is puffed out. That’s quite a workout! He kicks the head to the ground and dumps the headless body and drives off.

Back at camp, The Gov is pissed that his little plan didn’t work. He spouts some propaganda to his people that it was the people of the prison who killed their own man. Which isn’t exactly far form the truth though. All of a sudden it’s the baddest of all asses and she has a gun pulled and aimed at the back of the Governors head. His men fire on Michonne, but she gets her sword back, kills some people and ninjas off into the forrest!

Being a little too pissed off, The Governor gathers all his men and make their way back to the prison to end this! It’s Fire Time and Axle gets one in the head for the kill straight up. Rick and the Gang regroup and use their freshly made defences to use. Their killing people with their guns and a grenade or two sure puts things in perspective for The Gov. Andrea shows up on the RV and starts shooting people as well. She’s knocked off the RV and is hurt, but the damage has been done. The Gov’s people are too frightened of dying.

The Gov is sick of his peoples whingy shit and gets in the TANK and drives over the prison fences, giving his people access to the prison. The Zombies can also walk through the gaping hole in the fence. It’s now excape time for Rick and Friends. Rick runs into the prison to get Lori and the kids. Alice is with them and they need to make a run for it to the trucks. Hershel, Bill and Patricia and trying to make it to the garage. Patricia gets shot in the face as soon as she steps out into the open. Hershel and Billy make a run for it until it just becomes Hershel making a run for it by himself, because Billy’s head got some extra holes.

Rick, Lori, Judith, Carl, and Alice try to escape. Alice get a bullet to the leg and the Governor walks up and executes her. Lori while running with Judith in her arms, both get shot and killed! Rick sees this. Is sad for a second and then tells Carl to keep running because that’s what he’s doing! They make it out the fences as the zombies start piling in!

The Gov sees Hershel kneeling and crying over all the losses that he’s faced. The Governor walks up and executes him!

Using his charm, he speaks to one of the women who was fighting for him and she says that he’s a monster for making her kill a woman and a baby! She knocks him down and sticks her gun in his mouth. Lucky for Gov, the zombies start to get a little close and the woman freaks out and tries to use the gun on herself, but The Gov takes the gun off her and starts shooting the zombies. Unlucky for The Gov, the woman has another gun and blasts the back of his head out and kicks him into a pack of zombies for an appetiser! The survivors make it inside the prison with zombies following.

Rick and Carl make it up a hill overlooking the prison. Carl has just learned that his mum and new baby sister are now dead.

End of Volume 8

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