Jose Aldo vs Korean Zombie – UFC 163

I really enjoy MMA. But over the past year or so, I haven’t been excited for any big fights that they have been promoting.

Up until this weekend. Jose Aldo is one of my favourite fighters to watch and in my opinion is the pound for pound, best fighter in the world. He’s so explosive and VERY hard hitting. Add that with his fight intelligence, he’s such a dangerous opponent for anyone! That’s why he’s the UFC Featherweight Champ and hasn’t been beaten in his last 15 fights!

Chan Sung Jung, better known as The Korean Zombie is just as explosive and his JiuJitsu has been terrorising his opponents the past few fights. Mr. K. Zombie can also take an EXTREME amount of punishment. Which is going to be in his favour, because Jose will not hold back.

If you’re not a big MMA fan, or have wanted to check out for the first time, THIS will be the fight that will hook you!! Two excellent practitioners fighting for the title.

My pick is that it will go all 5 rounds and will be the fight of the year! But these two are so explosive it could very well end in the first minute of the first round! That’s the beauty of watching two very evenly matched fighters putting it all on the line!!

Check out the preview below.


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