The Walking Dead Volume 9 – Here We Remain

What happened last volume

* The Governor and Woodbury’s finest come for a little turf war!
* It doesn’t work out so well for the Gov after some men die and he retreats.
* During the battle Axle is shot in the arm, Andrea takes one to the face, but Rick gets shot in the chest again! He must wear a T-shirt with a target on it.
* Everyone is fine from the gunshot wounds thanks to Alice Christ.
* Dale and Andrea feel the need to not want to be shot at any more, packs up the kids, except for Carl, and leave the prison. Maggie and Glenn tag along as well.
* Rick tries to get the prison ready for another attack without half of the prison population.
* Michonne and Tyreese chase after the Gov. However, Tyreese is caught, driven back to the prison and beheaded by The Gov in front of the Prison Population. They all just stand and watch as Tyreese is murdered.
* Prison Wars Part 2 happens. Axle, Billy, Alice and Hershel all bite the dust.
* Rick and Carl make an escape out the prison fences while Lori and baby Judith are forced to escape from their lives via bullets.
* One of the Gov’s own people have had enough of his shit and is sad that she killed a woman and her baby, blows the back of his head off and makes him zombie food.
* Rick and Carl cry.

And here we go.

Michonne starts cleaning up the messy zombies after the ‘War of The Prison’ Skewers a decapitated Tyreese head that had turned. She finds the RV and finds no one there, but she does see some foot prints and decides to follow.

Rick and Carl are living in the woods. Staying in houses if they come across them and raiding corner stores. Killing some zombies as they go. But Rick’s gun shot wound isn’t making him happy and is getting a touch infected. Then it gets a lot infected and passes out.

Carl is scared as hell and left to fend from himself. While Rick is having a longer than usual sleep, Carl thinks that he should try to lure away the surrounding zombies. This works for a little while, but gets surrounded and those bitches are hungry! Carl doesn’t feel like being eaten quite yet, and kills them all with gunshots the face! He’s really very proud of his accomplishment.

Carl goes back to the house and gets all Bane on a passed out Rick and gives him permission to die, because he can handle himself in Z-Land. But Rick wont take orders from anyone and wakes back up that night!

Days go by and Rick’s been taking medicine that he’s found in houses and is getting better. But they need food, so out the house they head. But suddenly, Rick hears a phone ring from inside the house! He answers it and talks to the person on the other end and tries to find out where they are so they can meet up. But that’s a no go, but they’ll call again the next day and go from there.

Rick is all excited about this and heads back out the door to hunt with Carl with a pep in his step. While they’re searching, they gear a scream a watch as a guy gets eaten by a pack a zombies. Rick decides that it’s not polite to interrupt them, so he and Carl head back into the woods and they come across his fully gassed up car and enough food for a week. This is a great score in Ricks eyes. Carl’s a little sad when he realises that the man probably just wanted to die and fed himself to the zombies.

Rick’s back on the phone again to the woman on the other end, but is still getting no where. He finally asks for the person’s name and the voice says that it’s LORI!!!!! Rick doesn’t know what to do, so he unplugs the phone from the wall. Lori is still on the phone telling him not to blame himself. Rick asks if it’s real, but Lori, being typical, takes his dream away and says ‘no’. Rick now wants to leave the house!

They pack all their belongings into their newly found car. Rick doesn’t forget to pack the unplugged phone. Just incase he needs to talk to someone who isn’t there.

Rick feels that Carl is old enough at 10 to be able to drive a car. Carl is really bad at driving, but great at killing zombies on the road with a car. They stop so Rick can clean off the zombie guts off the windscreen and raid some surrounding cars for gas, while he leaves Carl to get attacked by a zombie. Lucky for Carl, Miss Badass pops up to help and gets all stabby. Rick is all types of happy to see his favourite killing machine and they become a traveling band of 3.

Rick and Michonne are chillin out having a bit of breakfast, when along comes Glenn and Maggie o horseback! Rick has the unpleasant task of telling Maggie that Hershel and Billy died. She’s a bit of a wreck. Glenn says that they are back living at the farm and that they should come with. Andrea, Dale and the kids are also there. Carl’s really happy to see his little girlfriend Sophia again who seems to be a touch schizophrenic now.

Later that night, Rick tries to sneak out and get his phone to talk to imaginary Lori, when he hears Michonne talking to herself. He asks the question and she tells him that it’s her dead boyfriend, but she feels that it helps her get by. Ricks lets her know that he talks to Lori on the phone and that they can be Crazy BFF’s!

One morning, a truck rolls up the farms driveway with three people in it, Eugene, Abraham and Rosita and they’re looking for supplies. They are on their way to Washington DC. Andrea does not care in the slightest and wants to shoot them all. Eugene explains that he’s a scientist with classified information as to why dead people started moving around and they need to go to Washington because that was the only safe place in the world. He tries to use his radio to get a transmission, but the battery is running dead. Andrea still doesn’t believe them and thinks they need to leave.

Abraham has had enough of having a gun pointed at him and takes it from Andrea and gives her a little smack in her scarred up face to go with it. He tells them that using guns are bad, because the sound makes them want to find out what it is. If it’s a loud enough noise, it can create a herd of zombies all narrowing in on the one little area. OS he lets off a shot to prove his point

Everyone is still pissed off and Rick of all people calms everyone down. He says if they can have their weapons, they can stay and they’ll all discuss it in the morning. This is agreed.

Next day, Abrahams point is proven when a large amount of zombies start turning up to the farm. Honest Abe takes a pitch fork and goes about his killing business while everyone watches. Abe lets them know that there will be more coming. If they want to get everything together and travel with them to Washington DC, they’re more than welcome. This is agreed

End of Volume 9


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