Grayson: Earth One

Grayson: Earth One tells the story of Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson, but it’s not what you’re used to. Earth One is a parallel Universe to the Regular DC Comics that we all know and love, so the continuity of that world doesn’t apply here. However, a lot of the same characters are still there doing their thing.

At this point, Grayson is one part singer of a band, one part smooth operator with the ladies and 2 parts complete badass, with a reputation around Gotham to match. He’s never been trained by Batman, therefore he’s never been a ‘Robin’. But Batman is very aware of Grayson and his activities. Grayson still has the urge to stop the bad guys and sees himself as a bit of a crime fighter, that’ll throw himself into the action to do what’s right.

You’ll also see Black Mask and gang, Victor Friese, Barbara Gordon and Carrie Kelly (from Dark Knight Returns and current DC Comics series ‘Batman and Robin Series’). Viewers on IMDB have given it a well deserved 8.9 rating so far for the first episode.

From start to finish, this is a very cool start to what is deemed as a six part series! It’s going to be great to see how Grayson and Bats interact with each other, as well as what sort of roll Carrie will play.

So check the video out, if you love it and want to see more, subscribe to their You Tube and like their Facebook page.


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