Axe Cop – Animation Domination

He’ll chop off your head!!

Axe Cop was a pretty popular web series created by two brothers. Ethan Nicholle and 5 year old Malachia. Malachia is a very imaginative young lad and would come up with all the stories. Ethan would then take those, refine them a little and turn them into a comic strip that caught the eye of Dark Horse Comics!

The stories are exactly what you would think a hilarious 5 year old would come up with, but actually seeing it play out in front of your eyes makes it that much better!!

They’ve got a star studded line up for the voices as well. Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson – Parks and Recreation), Michael Madsen (Kill Bill), Megan Mullalley (Will & Grace) and Jonathan Banks (Mike – Breaking Bad).

NOW it’s a television show being played on Saturday nights on FX’s Animation Domination. Check out the little video’s below. If you like it and want to watch full episodes you can WATCH THEM RIGHT HERE

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