Squirrels – The Horror Movie Trailer

I love squirrels!! I always have done and I would like to get one as a pet and train it to be awesome! I know here in North America, they are seen as rodents and a general pest! My wife tells me that they are full of diseases and could possibly have rabies! But I do love looking at them playing around in the backyard and in the streets and I want to cuddle them at all times! A few years ago I was in Central Park, NYC and was getting some very strange looks from passers by because I was trying to catch them!


There’s an indie film coming out named ‘Squirrels’ and it’s a horror movie! I don’t see how one of the cutest animals on Earth could be scary. Just look at the picture above!!!

Personally after seeing the trailer, I thought that little girl deserved everything she got and more! I would have helped the squirrel and kicked her!

I love Squirrels!!


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