And Batman will be played by Ben Affleck! (Updated)

*I’ve let the news sink in since writing this piece last week when the news dropped. I thought that I would do a little update on my thoughts about this! My opinion hasn’t changed, but it’s definitely grown. Your thoughts are always welcome!

I’m surprisingly happy about this decision. I know when Anne Hathaway was announced as Cat Woman for Dark Knight Rises, I lost my mind and contemplated not going to see it because she irritates me that much (even though now I thought she was tolerable), but I’m very different about this one. Especially because I’m not a HUGE fan of Affleck. I liked him in Argo. I liked him in Dogma. My wife showed me a scene from Boiler Room which I quite enjoyed. Not much else.


He will be the most awesome playing Bruce Wayne!

Especially as an older Bruce. The character ‘Bruce Wayne’ (Because that’s how Batman sees it. Batman is the man, Bruce is the facade!) is smarmy, over the top, stand offish, unlikable for the most part, thinks he’s better than everyone else, even though he wants the people of Gotham to believe he’s one of them.

This IS Ben Affleck!! He could go on-screen and play himself and get an Academy Award!

As Batman, I think he can do enough to pull off the overly angry, but that’s not what I believe this movie is going to be about. This will be about Bat’s vs Supe’s. In the comics, Bat’s is never really angry at Supe’s, he’s more trying to help him see the light when he strays off course, which is what I think will be the main story of this next movie. Batman knows that he can’t match Superman’s powers or strength. Superman could kill him in a second if that was his feeling. But The Dark Knight can outwit Kal El! Batman will be Superman’s conscience! In the Justice League, Batman is always the brains of the operation, while Superman, Wonder Woman etc doing all the heavy lifting, generally speaking. There’s also an uneasiness between them most times, as Batman is in possession of Kryptonite if Superman ever loses his shit with people and goes rogue and Superman knows this and sees it as distrust, rather than for everyone else’s safety.

There’s so many ways that this could go down. But in my opinion this is not going to be a movie about whether or not Batman is the complete badass that he was in the past trilogy. I think it’s going to be more like the Batman in comics, than Batman in the movies and video games.

Don’t get me wrong, this wont be a Tarantino-esque dialogue fest. There WILL BE a battle between the two, and it will be awesome! But it’s not going to be a fight to the death. It’ll be a fight to prove a point

All in all, I like this choice and I’m totally pumped to see where this goes!!


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