Dying Light: Be The Zombie

This week Warner Bros. announced that the is an exclusive if you pre order Dying Light.

You will be able to play as a zombie in PvP!!

News is very slim at the moment, but that’s fine as the game isn’t coming out until next year. All we know so far is that you’ll be playing as a jacked up zombie called a ‘Hunter’ which is faster and stronger than your usual waddling, gurgling mess of a human.

This makes me think, I would love to see a zombie apocalypse game where you play as a zombie and the plot is you run (stagger and groan) around a large city chasing and eating people until they are all dead! Using all your zombie skills like hiding in alleys and shadows waiting for people to walk past or hide. Play dead until a human comes a little close and then BAM!! bite their achilles out!! The more you feed, the stronger you become.

DLC could expand that city into other cities or towns with more ‘assignments’

PvP could have a Zombie vs Human element, where players choose a side and go head to head in an open world. So many possibilities!!

I should should patent this!


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