Wrestling GIF’s of the Week – AJ Styles

For those of you who don’t know this wrestler, AJ Styles IS TNA wrestling. Not Sting. Not Hulk, Not Joe, Not Daniels. It The Phenomenal One!

As I’m writing this AJ’s contract is almost up with TNA and it appears that they’re having a hard time trying to sign him back. Due to money is the rumour, but they pay Hogan a butt load for doing nothing.

Anyway, AJ is such a ridiculous talent that if TNA insult his some more, he’ll land on his feet. He’s had some of the best matches in wrestling with the likes of Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels and Kurt Angle! If WWE doesn’t pick him up (which they should) he’ll wrestle all over the world instead, putting on awesome matches with anyone he steps into the ring with. If WWE DOES pick him up, after last weeks Impact, they have a ready made fued vs CM Punk!


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