Wrestling Gif’s of the week – Shield, Wyatt’s, Punk, Antonio Cesaro, Big Show and Orton

Rollin’s is an unfazed badass!!

There wasn’t much to this Monday’s Raw, except for The Shield and Wyatt’s face off. Hopefully, this actually comes to be something! Maybe a classic Survivor Series match. It was a very tense situation and I LOVED it!!

Getting al up in his grill!

Ambrose gets in on it! It’s the little things he does that makes him awesome. Like the little push with his head.

And it’s on!

Bray and Reigns are getting into it too!

Manchester crowd are losing their shit!

Where did Cena learn that move? Oh that’s right. He’s in the ring with Cesaro!

MORE Swiss Death for Cena!

Beasty chokeslam through the table!

A little PunkDust?



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