The Coin – All your cards in ONE!

Yes! This is something we could all use!

I really like this idea. I don’t have too many cards myself, but I would really dig this for the one’s I do have. You just load your info from your regular card into The Coin card and then you just select the one you want to use when you purchase it. The card itself hold up to 8 cards! If you lose it, it sends a message to your phone as soon as you start to go out of range from it. It’s a very clever little device.

The only thing I see wrong is if someone was to steel your ‘coin’, the thief has ALL of your cards to use! Maybe if there was a little security device on their to get it to work. Something like a finger print scanner to unlock it. However if your ‘Coin’ stays away from your phone for too long, it will deactivate. So there’s a little plus.

Anywho, check out the video below and if you are interested in this little device and want to know more, head on over to their FAQ section. Cost is US$55


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