Breaking Bad (2008 – 2013)

Check out Dave’s thought having watched Breaking Bad in its entirety for the first time! It’s an awesome read!

Critical Dave

"It's Heisenberg" "You're goddamn right!"

When you’re the one person amongst a group of others who hasn’t taken part in something the larger group has, there are two natural responses: either go out and get on board, or move swiftly into defiance and determination to never engage with it.

I did this with Game of Thrones, having watched the first episode and not really gotten involved too much, while everyone else became slaves to the cult. When my Facebook news feed exploded in anguish one night over something called a “red wedding” I sat back smugly enjoying my torment-free night while those around me appeared to crumble.

Then of course, I ended up drinking the kool-aid and responded with similar shock to a woman getting stabbed in the baby and now consider myself one of the hordes eagerly awaiting season four.

Breaking Bad was much the same, only to a relentless degree. Whereas the…

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