Wrestling GIF’s of the Week – WWE RAW – Slammy’s Edition (plus CM Punk Spinarooni’s in his underwear Video)

Steph – “You’re the greatest champion ever HHH”
Punk and Dolph “Are you delusional?”

A crappy night of Raw again (no surprise) right up until the end! But we have The Shield in suits looking badass and Daniel Bryan kicking the crap out of Fandango, so it’s not all bad! šŸ™‚

Also at the bottom, there’s a video of the Post Raw Spinarooni-off featuring Bryan, Cena, Steph and CM Punk in his underwear!



You’re in the way of my burger!

Huni-Cara is amazing!

Powerbomb, with a side on concussion. Get better soon ADR.

Punk’s knocking out invisible people!!

Dean Ambrose has got it!


Time for a nap!

Hey everyone! Thanks for hijacking this segment and making it MUCH Better and MORE entertaining.

Oh you think you can push away The Best In The World, Randall?

HHH wants to get involved?

You can eat one too!


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