Wrestling GIF’s of the Week – Raw 13th January

Poor Ambrose. His head is going to kill.

Meh. It didn’t take too long for the Wyatt/Bryan feud to get to this part. Where will it go from here? Who knows. Awesome story development from Punk/Shield/Authority though.

In the palm of his hand.

Best comedy wrestler around!

What? That’s ANOTHER move??

Watching some Japanese wrestling this week Roman?

Rollins is getting into Ziggler territory for selling.

Kofi HAD to win after this!

Randy Orton HATES Cena’s dad.

WHen he’s not injuring other wrestlers, Ryback trolls Twitter.

Watch out below! It’s a flying Uso!!

It’s Australian Emma from NXT in the Crowd! Join the #EMMAlution!!!


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