Walking Dead Volume 11 – Fear the Hunters

What happened Last Volume

* Maggie’s had a gut full and tries to off herself.
* Abraham wants to kill her again before she turns. Glen thinks this is a bad idea and saves her instead.
* Rick’s pissy at Abraham because he nearly killed Maggie and threatens him. Killing people is Rick’s job!
* Abraham in turn shows Rick just how easy it could be to kill him.
* Abraham, Rick and Carl go on a road trip to Rick’s old Police Station to get more weapons.
* On the way the almost get jacked and Carl nearly takes a trip to the Rape Store. Rick thinks this is a bad idea and kills Mr. Would-be-rapist here with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.
* Abraham gets sentimental and tells Rick how he killed his Zombie daughter. Rick tries to show Abraham who has a bigger dick. Carl also joins in and brings his own ruler.
* Morgan is still at the house next door to Rick’s old house. And Dwayne is now a zombie. Morgan sets him free to murder unsuspecting living people. Because, why not.
* On the way back to camp, the lads and Morgan are chased by a herd.
* They get back to camp and everyone leaves. Dale thinks Rick is trying to get everyone killed. It’s ONLY taken 11 Volumes for him to come to this conclusion.

And Here We Go

The Group find a truck full of mattresses and decide it’s time to have a comfy nights sleep. In the morning Andrea is looking Billy and Ben so they can get back on the road. She finds them. Ben has hacked up Billy with a large Crocodile Dundee knife. Probably trying to out-psycho Carl.

Dale, and then Rick also come along the murder scene. It’s not long before The Group’s gossip train is in full effect and they’re trying to decide what to do with Ben. At the moment, he’s locked up in the back of a truck in solitary confinement. Rick vaguely puts it to the group that they should kill the shit out of him, because he’s scary. Even though his son…. you know…. Abraham is the first to get on board, so is Michonne. For obvious reasons Andrea and Dale are not. It’s a majority. Now they have to decide ‘who’s going to slaughter a child?’

Out of no where, A priest walks up to the group and tells them that they can have refuge in his church if they can help out with some food. This is a good idea. They’ll do that in the morning.

While everyone was sleeping, Psycho-Carl grabs his gun and shoots the shit out of Ben.

Everyone wakes up and comes to see the swiss cheese body of Ben. Dale is furious! He suspects it was Carl, so does Rick, but he’s not saying a damn thing, cos like father, like son! The group now packs everything up and it’s time to move.

While The Group rest again they’re descended on again by zombies. Leading up to and after they dispatch the dead again, Carl is showing more Rick-like tendencies. He tells Rick that Dale is weak for being sad at the loss of his kids and that the group would be better off without such a cry-baby. Rick is shocked, but he shouldn’t be. I’m sure he’s been thinking it.

Andrea heads into the forest to take a leak. When she’s in there, she notices someone watching her like a perv. She calls out to them, but they just walk away.

Eugene is watching Abraham and Rosita get it on like a perv!

While everyone goes back to sleep. Dale is still wide awake and wanders into the forest. The forrest perv knocks him out. He has some Pervy friends and they take Dale’s body away.

Michonne is talking to Rick and quizzing him about Morgan. She wants a certain piece of him. Incidentally it’s a similar piece that Tyreese had. Andrea wakes up to find Dale missing. The Group make a search party and start looking for the old bugger. They can’t find him, so they abandon the search for a while and make their way to the church.

Andrea is wanting to look for Dale again and when she goes outside, she sees the Pervs in the forest again. She comes in and blames the Priest for this. Rick, being Rick, uses violence first to try to get answers from him. The only answer that he gets is that the Priest turned everyone away from his Church when Z-Day happened. This is enough to get a sicko pass from Rick.

We get a look at the pervs in the forest. They’re all sitting at a table talking about Rick’s group and whether or not they’re frantic, when Dale wakes up. Their leader introduces himself as Chris and lets Dale know that they’re hungry and that they’re currently eating him.

Chris now tells Dale about how he tastes and the taste of other people, Dale just laughs hysterically. Chris and the others have no idea why. Dale lets them know that the reason he was walking into the forest alone was to die, because he’d been bitten in the last zombie attack and that what they were eating was tainted meat! There’s a lot of vomiting and a lot of beating on Dale! The pervs decide they are fine and that they’ll go and find someone else to eat.

Back at the Church, everyone wakes up to Dale’s legless, but alive body on the front door. Rick realises that he’s been left there as bait. and tells everyone to grab a hold of dale and run inside. While they’re running Glenn takes a shot to the leg. Rick is pissed and feels the need to do some killing!!

While Glenn is being tended to, Dale tells Andrea about being bitten and she tells him that she loves him, but will not hesitate to kill his zombie ass when he turns. Rick enters and Dale lets him know that the pervs turned out to be cannibals! He gives Rick some other info that might help find them and that’s enough for Rick’s Kill-o-metre revved up. Rick hatches a plan to go after The Pervy Cannibals and gets Abraham on side. He talks to the Priest about places in the area and off goes the killing party.

The first place they try, they get no luck. But the second….

Rick is the only one to confront them. He asks ‘will they stop coming after his people?’. Chris says that he’s hungry, so no, he’s going to still be coming after them. Chris then goes on to tell them how they came to be eating people and it basically comes down to, they ran out of their own kids to eat, and people are easier to hunt than animals. I can see the logic there.

Rick then tells Chris and his friends are in for all sorts of pain and orders Andrea to blow of random bits off of Chris’ group, which she does. They all get scared real quick. Rick’s hunting party all come out from the trees and grab their guns. Rick teases that The Pervy Cannibals are going to get a piece of their own medicine and they’re going to be eaten. They’re more scared!! But Rick just kills the shit out of all of them instead, because that’s what’s he’s good at. And then to make sure they’re really dead, they burn all the corpses. The Priest is not used to this kind of barbarity.

But everyone else in the hunting party seems quite proud of their work.

Back at the Church, Dale tells Rick ‘Thanks for being a leader and making the hard decisions, even if a lot of people were killed because of them’ and then he dies. And Andrea true to her word, blew his head off when he turned.

This has Rick thinking. He talks out loud, to who he thinks is Abraham, about all the death he’s dealt and whether it was really worth it. He turns to see Carl standing there listening to him. Carl, with tears in his eyes, tells Rick…

Maybe he does have a soul.

Read Volume 12 HERE


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