Max Landis – Deconstructing Pro Wrestling for Non-Wrestling Fans.

Max Landis, best known for writing the movie Chronicle, is a big wrestling fan. For me personally, I love listening to a good ‘Max Landis Rant’!! And in this clip he goes about trying to explain to people who aren’t wrestling fans, or just dismiss wrestling as being stupid or ‘fake’, his reasons behind why any Pro Wrestling product is similar to your favourite TV show. His talk about how much wrestling is just like The Muppet Show is pretty dead on.

If you’re not a Wrestling kind of person, give this video a little look. If it changes your mind, or you see it differently, YAY! If not, it doesn’t matter. If you ARE a wrestling fan, this is a really great speech that I think all of us can agree with. There’s also WWE’s Dolph Ziggler putting his two cents worth in.

All in all, at the end of the day, it’s entertainment. And we all like to be entertained!


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