Transformers: Age of Extinction Superbowl Trailer

NO!! NO!! NO!!

Sometimes you see something so wrong in the world and it makes you want to punch puppies and kitties! This happened when I seen the trailer below. After having given up on the Transformers movies after the second one made me disappointed and the third one made me very angry in the cinema to see PEOPLE KILL STARSCREAM, I didn’t have much faith that I was going to even give the trailer a go. But I did and I feel bad for it.

Optimus Prime is RIDING what looks, I’m guessing, to be a more Dragon looking than T-Rex, Grimlock!

NO! This is not cool. Not even the always entertaining Mark Wahlberg can bring me to watch it.

I’ve read that a lot of people are really digging this trailer and are excited and that’s up to them. Make your own mind up.


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