Wrestling Gifs of the Week – HHH Kills Daniel Bryan

Mooching off Daniel Bryan popularity, HHH just HAS to be THE BAD GUY. Not someone who could benefit from it or someone who could use that heat. NO! It’s got to be Triple H showing that he is the baddest cat alive, beating down WWE’s hero!

Oh, and other things happen. Namely Pirate Naomi returned spectacularly!

Shades of RVD!

Calm down Dolph!! You’ve got to save something for the Mania Battle Royal.

Shield are a team again!!!


Rhodes Bros dance up a storm!

I hope not! You’re awesome just the way you are!

Holy crap Bray!!

You don’t want to kill Kofi!

Sheamus is nothing!


RKO then….. mat hump???


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