The Walking Dead Volume 12 – Life Among Them

What happened LAST TIME

*Ben killed the shit out of Billy with a Croc Dundee knife.
*The group votes on what to do with Ben and the majority decide to kill him. But can’t decide on who should kill a kid.
*While the group sleeps on it, Carl decides he would like to kill a kid. So he ‘Double Taps’ Ben on the quiet.
*A Priest joins the group and says they can stay at the Church. So they pack up and leave dead Ben.
*Some pervs are watching the group from the shadows. When Dale wanders into the woods, the pervs grab him.
*Michonne wants to bang Morgan.
*As it turns out, the pervs are cannibals and eat Dale’s good leg. However, Dale was bitten in the last zombie attack and that he’s tainted. It’s vomit time!
*The Cannibal Pervs dump Dale at the church as a trap to get a ‘fresh’ body. Rick realises what’s going down and wants to go on a killing spree.
*With the help of the Priest, they find the People Eaters. Rick and Co. kill the life out of them and then burn them. The Priest is quite upset by this.
*Dale dies and then Andrea kills him.
*Carl tell Rick with tears in his eyes that he was the one who killed Ben.

And Here We Go

During a food finding mission, Rick and Carl are having a talk about whether it’s the right thing to kill people who are alive. Rick says that sometimes you just have to do it. But when it becomes easy, that’s when it becomes a problem. And he should know. Carl is sad that he had to kill his friend, but explains that he did it because he’s more of a badass than Rick and Abraham, because he has no problem making the tough decisions.

Back at camp, no one found anything substantial food wise. Rick wants to check the radio to see if any there’s anything to hear. Eugene tries to stall him and then they have a kid-wrestle and break the radio. Rick notices that it doesn’t have any batteries in it. Eugene begrudgingly tells them that it never had batteries in the first place and that he lied about there being a cure in Washington. Abraham is pissed because he’s been keeping Eugene around for what amounts to nothing apparently. Certainly not companionship or anything like that, in a world where the majority of people are dead. Abe beats the living snot out of Eugene and Rick, of all people, tells him not to kill him.

Later that night Abe and Rick talk about what they should do when ANOTHER stranger just walks up on them, looking for the ‘boss’.

That’s all the reason Rick needed to punch a dude out, tie him up and question him. Not like in a ‘terrorist’ kind of way, but in a ‘we caught a terrorist’ type of way.

The stranger is happy to answer Ricks demands and lets him know his name is Aaron and he’s a recruiter for a little community that not too far and he’d like for Rick’s group to join. During their ‘talk’, zombies come from out of the forest and it’s killing time. Glenn even unties Aaron and he helps out.

The group now talk about packing up and moving to the nice sounding community. Everyone is for this, except for Rick, obviously. So they sleep and head off the next day.

On their travels, the group come across Aaron’s partner Eric. Rick instantly wants to shoot him. Aaron explains to the group that everything is fine and explains to them exactly what their job was. To make sure that they were ‘good’ people. Everyone calms down and decide to keep moving to the Community with Aaron and Eric. Rick is still in a killing mood, but holds himself together for once. However he tells Abraham to kill them if he ‘feels’ something is wrong.

The group is almost there, but Aaron and Eric see a flare go up in the sky and that means one of their people are in trouble, So Rick decides that he, Aaron and Abraham will go down and sort this zombie mess out. With re-killing! Eric has to stay with the rest of the group as collateral. Rick and Co. find Aaron’s men. One has a broken leg. They snatch him up and then it’s time to book, because this is zombie central. Just as the zombies start getting a little bit much, along comes the Community Calvary shooting the shit out of dead people.

Everything is good in the world. The group have new friends and a new place to call home. How long until Rick ruins it all?

The group make their way into the Community and see a normal, everyday suburb, complete with nice houses and yards and kids playing outside and having fun. Aaron lets them know that before they can be a part of this wonderland, the leader, Douglas will want to have a little chat with them. Rick goes first.

Douglas sits and talks with Rick and lets him know all about himself, the community and a story about a child whose dad ate his eyes. Douglas asks what Rick did for a job before Z-day and then tells him that’s exactly what he’s going to do in the Community. Be it’s Police. Everyone also get’s their own house to live in. All’s good in the hood! Douglas wants to see more people and assign more jobs. So that’s what happens. Andrea’s next up.

Rick goes into a house and has a shit, shower and shave! Also a lady named Olivia comes over with his uniform and gives him a hair cut and more lowdown on the Community and how it came about and how they have power.

Rick leaves the house dressed in a cop uniform and everyone is impressed. Rick automatically starts questioning one of the kids about his black eye.

Douglas has a wife. And she’s pissed about all these new people!! Douglas tells that bitch to be cool! Then he loses HIS shit when some guy named ‘Davidson’s’ name is mentioned by Heath and slaps him like a bitch. Apparently he was the one who created this community and wasn’t a nice dude. But who knows at this point. They think Rick’s a good dude! How bad must have Davidson been?

Carl is already starting trouble by pushing one of the kids for wanting to see Carl’s gun. Which is natural for inquisitive kids, but then it’s time for ‘My Dad’s tougher than your Dad’ and the kid goes and gets his Dad, Nicolas and he’s pissed! Rick surprisingly doesn’t stick a grenade in his Nicolas’ mouth and pull the pin. He talks him down and everything is fine. Rick even agrees to give up ALL weapons at Douglas’ request. Michonne doesn’t want to give her sword up though and for some reason, that is fine. The deadliest person in the group gets to keep her weapon. The one that has killed more than anything else.

Douglas now takes the New Community Dwellers on a tour of the joint and show’s them their new digs! Incidentally, tomorrow is Halloween and there’s going to be candy for the kids! During this time, Carl freaks out! He doesn’t like that people are happy and finds that being relaxed is weakness and can’t enjoy anything!

Douglas is still handing out the jobs. Michonne is now Rick’s sidekick/muscle and Rick thinks Andrea should be a lookout and shoot people for getting close. This is agreed.

Everything seems to be going awesomely, but in Rick’s head, it’s going just a little more awesomer, as he talks about how safe it is to live there, with Andrea. Because even though he’s all dressed nice and playing the part, he’s a complete psycho at heart!

Douglas interrupts this little talk, but doesn’t hear Rick being Rick. Dougy want’s to talk to Andrea about getting it on because he’s a lonely dude, who’s wife is a fraud. Andrea wants none of this creepy old dude though.

While Miss Badass is putting her sword on the wall in her house, she reminisces about all the good times she had with that sword! As well as some of the not so good.

There’s a party for all the inhabitants to meet and have a jolly good time. Carl isn’t enjoying it, because he’s a sulky bitch and can only complain. You know, having food and shelter and security sucks balls in his world. Michonne is also not too settled, but has enough restrain to hold it together. Until she can’t no more, gets all pissy and leaves, finds Morgan and tries her luck playing the ‘beast with two backs’ with him. Glenn gets plastered on booze and makes a scene, Rick escorts him home. But it was just a clever, elaborate ploy by Rick and Glenn to check out where all the weapons are stored and how easy it is to access them. Rick can’t kill as well with his stump. He NEEDS his weapons.


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