Prince Devitt

I have been a fan of Devitt’s for quite a while. He’s an amazing talent and has put on quality match after quality match. With news floating around that he has signed a contract with the WWE, this has gotten me more excited to see some potential match up with Bryan, Rollins, Ziggler and Cesaro. Not to mention matches with other stars that have signed with the WWE like KENTA and Kevin Steen.

Lately Devitt’s ring entrances are pushing me almost consider him as my favourite wrestler. (Almost! If CM Punk makes a return, he’s going to have some stiff competition) Devitt is a big comics fan. As am I. And he’s been coming to the ring painted up as various characters. Above is a GIF of just a few, below are the video’s of the actual entrances. Amazing! If he can bring this gimmick to the WWE, I’ll explode! My favourites by far are The Joker, The Punisher and Freddy Krueger. With only a few more shows to go, I can’t wait to see what he pulls out next!

Enjoy, The REEEEEAAAAAALLLLLL Rock’N’Rollaaaaaa!!!!!

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The Walking Dead Volume 12 – Life Among Them

What happened LAST TIME

*Ben killed the shit out of Billy with a Croc Dundee knife.
*The group votes on what to do with Ben and the majority decide to kill him. But can’t decide on who should kill a kid.
*While the group sleeps on it, Carl decides he would like to kill a kid. So he ‘Double Taps’ Ben on the quiet.
*A Priest joins the group and says they can stay at the Church. So they pack up and leave dead Ben.
*Some pervs are watching the group from the shadows. When Dale wanders into the woods, the pervs grab him.
*Michonne wants to bang Morgan.
*As it turns out, the pervs are cannibals and eat Dale’s good leg. However, Dale was bitten in the last zombie attack and that he’s tainted. It’s vomit time!
*The Cannibal Pervs dump Dale at the church as a trap to get a ‘fresh’ body. Rick realises what’s going down and wants to go on a killing spree.
*With the help of the Priest, they find the People Eaters. Rick and Co. kill the life out of them and then burn them. The Priest is quite upset by this.
*Dale dies and then Andrea kills him.
*Carl tell Rick with tears in his eyes that he was the one who killed Ben.

And Here We Go

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WTF happened to Movie Posters

I never really took much notice before that most of the movie posters and DVD covers are now looking the same as all the other movies in their genre. The whole Teal/Orange thing was pretty obvious, but I’m amazed as to why the studios don’t at least try. This video is a real eye opener.

Superhero Hoodies and shirts you wish you could own…


But you cant. The following hoodies that you see are made by digital artist seventhirtytwo and unfortunately these are not real. Which is a damn shame, because I would wear the hell out of most of these! Especially the Robin Hoodie below. But due to copyright and whatnot yadayada, the only way these will be made and available for purchase is if DC grants the rights to their trademarks or buys the designs. Or makes their own designs with a SLIGHT difference.



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Walking Dead Volume 10 – What We Become

What happened Last Volume

* Michonne kills Zombie Tyreese, then goes following some footsteps.
* Rick and Carl are scrounging around houses until Rick passes out due to an annoying gun shot wound.
* During Rick’s sleep Carl kills some Zombies and decides he doesn’t need his Dad anymore and tells him that he can die.
* Rick doesn’t listen, as usual, and lives.
* Rick starts to feel better because antibiotics are bullet-hole fixers.
* The lads luckily find a car full of gas and food that was owned by a guy who was getting eaten by Z’s. So they take it, because Zombies don’t have licences.
* Rick is talking to a woman on the phone. As it turns out, it’s Lori. That’s right. DEAD Lori. Rick has lost it.
* Crazy Rick thinks it’s a good idea for a 10-year-old to drive. It’s not. Carl is nearly attacked by Zombie’s but as luck would have it, Michonne kills everything not breathing and saves them.
* The Threesome are found by Glenn and Maggie! They’re all living back at the farm with the other survivors from the Prison. The Band Is Back Together!!!!
* At the farm a truck rolls up, with Abraham, Eugene and Rosita. They want supplies because they’re going to Washington DC! Eugene’s a damn scientist who knows everything. The gang pack up everything and travel with them!

And Here We Go

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