Melissa McCarthy + Improv = Hilarious!

Whether she’s being funny on TV in Mike and Molly and as a guest on SNL (and as the best character on Gilmore Girls). Or in movies stealing Jason Bateman’s identity, the clip below during the credits of the movie ‘This Is 40’ I will always find to Melissa McCarthy at her funniest!


Comedian of the Week – Donald Glover


Y’all probably know Donald glover better as Troy from TV show Community. But he’s much more than that. He was a writer on Emmy award winning show 30 Rock, a very funny stand up comedian as well as a, much better than most, rapper going under the name “Childish Gambino”.

Below there’s a couple of clips from his stand up show from Comedy Network Special, as well as one of his film clips.

So kick back, have a laugh and be amazed by this tremendously talented young man!!

Definitely NSFW


Comedian of the Week – Chris D’Elia

I’ll admit, I had no idea Chris D’Elia was a stand up comedian. I just thought he was an actor and the Shining light on freshly canceled TV sitcom, Whitney. But my wife sent me the first video that’s below and I instantly became a fan. Check them all out and hopefully you’ll enjoy his stand up as much as I do.

As with all the Comedian of the Week articles, NSFW!

Did you like that? For more Chris D’Elia click here

Comedian of the Week – Chris Rock

Chris Rock is one of the smartest comedians around. When you see a Chris Rock show, your not just getting laughs from start to end. He makes you think differently about a lot of different topics including politics, men and women, current events and racism (lots about racism), but never in a preachy manner.

So kick back and enjoy a few clips and be entertained. Click continue after the first video as there are a few more after for your enjoyment!

Obvoiusly NSFW

Click here. There’s more videos

Comedian of the Week – Sarah Silverman

No one’s is quite like Sarah Silverman in the world of comedy. If you have been following my previous Comedians of the Week Patrice Oneal and Bill Burr you may see a pattern emerging. One where there are no real boundaries with their topics. But Sarah takes it to an entire different level. There’s a sort of an uneasiness where you feel like you probably shouldn’t be laughing at her dead grandmother, but you cant really help yourself. Her comedy deals with Racism, Sexism and anything else that’s seen to be on the other side of the line of polite conversation.

Below are some of Sarah Silverman’s more legendary performances and skits. If you like these you really should try out her show The Sarah Silverman Program and also follow her Twitter for daily laughs with such hilarity as…

Sarah Silverman ‏@SarahKSilverman 2 May
Feeling a sense of accomplishment after scrubbing, mopping & disinfecting a full-on dogshit massacre

All of these are NSFW!!! But ARE awesome!!

Informing people on ways they can vote.

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Comedian of the Week – Bill Burr

I find Bill Burr hilarious. He’ll state at the very start of a rant with “I haven’t researched this topic so I don’t really know what I’m talking about” and then proceed to talk like he knows exactly what he’s talking about. Complete with made up statistics and all. He’s a little hateful, a lot sadistic and terribly funny! Definitely my favourite style of stand up comedy.

Watch the following videos to check him out. Especially the last video where during a Comedy Tour in Philadelphia, where a drunk crowd were shitting on and booing off the stage all the comedians before him. Bill wasn’t having any of this and proceeded to give Philly a little taste (a full 12 minutes) of their own medicine.

As usual, NSFW.

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Comedian of the Week – Patrice Oneal

I’m going to start this new segment off BIG!!!!

Patrice Oneal is my absolute favourite comedian of ALL TIME!!! There’s no line that hasn’t been crossed. There’s no filter. But most importantly, he’s a lover AND hater of absolutely everything and one of the smartest comedians in the business. And he made his opinion heard! Conspiracies, Racism, Politics, Bad Taste. The usual topics you’ll expect to hear from a stand up performer. But that’s nothing like this!!

Patrice Oneal is the best story teller in comedy!!!

There’s been many times where I’ve been listening to Patrice and I’ve had to stop listening because my eyes are too full of tears and my stomach hurts too much. But I would start it again. He is one of the very few Comics that I could listen to over and over again.

Unfortunately, he passed away in November 2011 from a stroke. If you like the clips below you should head on over to iTunes and buy a copy of Mr. P. All the proceeds go to his widow and step daughter.

So watch, listen and enjoy, Dammit!

Definitely NSFW

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