Assassin’s Creed Unity Real Life Parkour – Cosplay

As the Assassin’s Creed games get better and more advanced, so do the guys who cosplay the characters and then go off on parkour adventures!


Ethan Swanson – Epic Roof Jump

Ethan Swanson is a professional stunt man performing a 3 story roof jump. OK, he’s not just jumping from floor 3 to the ground, but let’s see your badass try this! Dude has coconuts.

DMX vs Slingshot

I really dig DMX. I love his music. I was a big fan since I first heard the ‘Flesh of my flesh, Blood of my blood’ album. Yeah, he’s had his little run ins with the law and has done a whole bunch of badness, but I don’t see how anyone can hate him after his little trip on a slingshot ride. Especially with his daughter!

No embed, but watch DMX with his daughter in the below link.

Full Contact MMA Skydiving

Do you think regular MMA is for pussies who don’t know what real hardcore is? It’s likely that you’re a moron. But anyway, UFC fighter Urijah Faber is adding falling at the speed of gravity to the sport of MMA. It kinda looks like a brawl that you would see watching two meth-heads have the morning after a pretty bad bender. But with way less co-ordination.

But give it a look.

Abseiling into lava

Previously, I’ve shared an artical on bungee jumping into a live volcano, but for some people, that’s just not close enough. So watch as some people with soon to be very dirty underwear descend into Marum Volcano in Vanuatu!