Akira Project – Fan Made

A live adaptation of the animated classic Akira has been in the works for many, many years. Some fans have had enough of the waiting an produced their own trailer. And it looks amazing!!



Deathstroke: Arkham Assassin – Fan Made Film

VERY cool fan made film, set as a lead in to the Arkham Origins game. Black Mask has offered a bounty for the Batman’s head and Deathstroke wants in. But he has to prove himself to Black mask first.

I love both of these characters. Black Mask especially, as he’s every thing you expect from a crime boss. Ruthless, non caring and exceptionally brutal. And this video shows that. Awesome, awesome job!!

Wes Craven presents 30 Second Scary Short Films

Master Horror Director Wes Craven and Studio 360 ran a contest earlier this year. It was to create a 30 Second Scary Short Film with the theme being ‘Young Genius’. Some of these are down right horrifying and you’ll shit your pants, lock yourself in your room and even then you still wont think you’re safe. Others will make you laugh! The one above and the one below are by far my favourites, There are some more of my faves after the jump, but you can check out ALL of the entries HERE

Don’t be scared now!

Come and see MORE scariness in 30 seconds!!

Superman vs Hulk

Animator Mike Habjan has done this entire series at his home for his own amusement. He really needs to be picked up and given something badass to do with some funding, because his own work off his own back is amazing!! Super brutal, but that’s what you should expect from Supe’s and Hulk! There are 4 videos in total at the moment and they just keep getting better. The latest (3) is really something special!

Continue to 2 and 3

Croft – Fan Made Film Trailer

As you can probably guess, the video below is a film surrounding Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider games. It looks really good and the best thing is on the 26th December 2013, Fan Made Film ‘Croft’ will be available on Youtube for all to see FOR FREE!!!

So I’ll post it here when it pops up!!

Joker Blogs Season 2

If you haven’t seen The Joker Blogs, it truly is THE BEST Batman web-series around. If you haven’t heard of it or seen it, you can watch the First Season First Episode (and you can follow along from there) as well as the Second Season Episode 1 HERE, for the rest of us, the second episode of season 2 came out today and you can watch it below! It’s been a long time between episodes, but this one goes for 24 minutes and is well worth the wait!

Dead Island Live Action Trailer

I remember seeing the original trailer for the game and being blown away (You can see it below). I thought it would be the best looking game around and had a really cool concept. As it turns out the trailer was the best part of the game.

AND NOW, some really awesome people have put together a shot-for-shot Live Action version of it!! Very impressive!

Donnie Yen vs Bruce Lee – A Warriors Dream

A very talented 3D animator Li Jin, has created a very awesome short film that pits one of the worlds best Martial Artists Donnie Yen vs who is considered the best Martial Artists the world has ever seen, Bruce Lee.

Check out the video below and watch some absolutely awesome CGI, with some of the most fluid animated fight scenes I’ve ever seen.

Legends of the Knight – Documentary

Batman is more than a comic book character. He’s more than a symbol. He’s an inspiration.

Legends of the Knight is a documentary on how Batman has influenced, not only people lives, but modern day culture as a whole. In this little trailer, it shows young kids who have had terrible starts to their lives, being diagnosed with cancer and leukaemia and using what they know about Batman to help them get through such a struggle.

This looks like it’s going to be a great documentary, but they also need some help to get it off the ground. Head on over to http://www.wearebatman.com and learn a little more.

Wonder Woman Short Film (Fan Made)

There’s quite a few rumours going around that Wonder Woman may make an appearance in the upcoming Batman vs Superman film. Nothing substantial, just people guessing, or more like hoping, for a little hint that a Justice League movie is also in the works.

Anywho, Rainfall films have made a little short film featuring none other than Diana Prince and it’s really quite cool!! The filming is a little 300-esque, but the backgrounds and CGI are amazing!!

The only bad thing I see, thanks to the top comment on Youtube, is the Wonder Woman logo at the end looks kinda suss.

Check it out!